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December 27, 2021-

Today is actually a stunning day in the world of COVID transparency and the manipulation of COVID for political benefit.

After the White House tried the Omicron “winter of death” narrative, they suddenly realized what some (including myself) had mentioned earlier.  When you require something, you are by nature of that requirement taking ownership of the outcome.

The Biden administration mandates -writ large- mean the government has to take ownership of the outcome.  Thus, if government tests are required then government is responsible for testing.

The problem is, when any entity takes ownership, they are setting themselves up for accountability and criticism.

White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain should have been prepared for that; but, like all things in Biden’s crazy world of ‘throw it at the wall and see what sticks’ policy making, the White House had no system, plan or intent to take ownership of anything – nor are they going to.

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Today, Joe Biden officially tries to take the U.S. government out of the COVID mess by saying “there is no federal solution” to the crisis their COVID-19 response created.   Yes, JOE BIDEN SAID THAT.  Directly and without any pause as to the ramification of what he was saying or reading.

For two years Joe Biden has critiqued, criticized, complained and promised that his administration would handle the spread of COVID-19 and all the downstream consequences.  Today, all of that is summarily trashed -as if it never existed- and the White House proclaims that individual states are now responsible for every outcome on their own.  WATCH (40 seconds):

Why the shift?  Because the crisis they created is about to be very visible, on a local level, in every town.

Obviously, the White House can NOW clearly see the looming crisis they have created by their COVID policies, dictates and mandates.   A genuine shitstorm is unfolding in real time, and I guarantee you CoS Ron Klain (and the crew behind Biden) have been given detailed, specific briefings and information about the scale of the national COVID mess that is about to surface.

It’s not just the deadlines for the vaccination mandates hitting hard and creating an absolute mess with the testing requirements, and it’s not just a shortage of workers this vaccine requirement is creating, and it’s not just the amplified shortage of workers who test positive and must remain quarantined.  It’s actually a much bigger mess within the cumulative economic and social ramifications.

Keep in mind the vast majority of Americans are done with two years of COVID-19 and variant fear mongering.  That’s why the “winter of death” narrative backlash was so strong and so transparently dangerous on a political level to the White House after deployment.  They started backtracking within 72 hours and trying to thread a needle between calm control and the more useful panic/crisis.

The federal government triggered mandatory vaccine or testing requirements.  That process requires COVID tests.   However, now the federal government is trying to back away from the crisis created by the testing demand and throwing the testing responsibility to the states.  The testing mess has only just begun.

Meanwhile, the Omicron variant is nothing more than a cold, yet the federal government has overhyped the Omicron fear and is now dealing with the outcome.   Think about this example from a commonsense perspective: The federal government hyped Omicron to install more mandates, and simultaneously the quarantine time for Omicron positive test result was lowered to 5 days.  These two points conflict with each other.

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The COVID mess is going to get worse specifically because Biden is responsible for it, and specifically because everything the Biden team does is based on politics of COVID.   Their supporters are about to discover just what a hot mess this administration has created.  Right now, those administration supporters are only seeing the tip of the iceberg, while the media works earnestly to shout ‘look over here, shiny things, shiny things’.

Inflation data is going to hit hard, and it’s going to hit soon.  Lower price inventories now depleted are going to be replaced with much more expensive stuff coming in that carries the cumulative cost increases of Biden policy.  Combine that with the mounting COVID mess that’s about to come to a head, and you can see the panic in the White House that has now triggered them to try and get distant from it.

Can you hear that sound in the distance?…

Yup, “Let’s Go Brandon” is about to get a boost from even more rapidly dropping Biden supporters.

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Final thought…. RIGHT NOW, and for the next few months, is when we need to get really worried about the people behind Joe Biden going to war with some foreign country or entity over some cooked up reason to try and distract from these outlined and looming domestic consequences.