It Had To Be This Way Stream:

The people are pissed off and openly calling out their abusers. I read articles from the past week about the elites’ desperate measures, and regular folks finding their voice.

She Hulk And Rings Of Power Collapse- Woke Hollywood Needs Audience Validation

The fans are winning against sucky woke entertainment. She-Hulk and Rings Of Power are blasted by both audiences and the media.

Good News Stream! Plus More FBI Crackups And Big Tech Blunders

Things look bad in America, but this stream is full of good news! Plus weird and controversial news. From court cases, to protests, to voter turnout, American people are taking back control.

The Recession Is Intentional – Parallel Economies Are The Answer

Recession! The Fed hikes interest rates! Tax-and-spend Democrats go nuts!! Attacks on farmers around the world!!!!

The economic news last week is bad, and that’s because the corrupt elites that control the world have it out for regular folks. There are ways out of the problem, and they include Bitcoin. I discuss several in this video.

It’s Not Just Biden – The Election Cleanup Is Underway

Joe Biden’s not the only crook who stole an election. The Democrats are getting ruthless in their attempts to cheat, but that just means they’re desperate. There’s lots of good news in the effort to rectify 2020 and safeguard future elections.

Corporate Entertainment Is Infected – Thor Love And Thunder Sinks, Rippaverse Soars

Western corporations have been infiltrated by totalitarian socialists through the stock market. Hollywood entertainment exemplifies this. The good news is, audiences know right from wrong. They’re taking corporate entertainment to task, and supporting independent creators.

Debt And Fiat Money Have Ruined Investing – Bitcoin Is Different

Inflation is the highest in 40 years; that’s a feature of the money system, not a bug. Central banks, debt, and fiat money, have distorted the practice of investing. We need to use gold again, or progress to Bitcoin. I explain it all in this video.

Elon And Twitter- This Is About More Than Buying A Company

Elon Musk backed out of buying Twitter, supposedly. Twitter is suing. But Elon WANTS this fight. He’s going to use the courts to reveal Big Tech’s collusion with the Deep State. PLUS: Alt Tech is preparing for the Silicon Valley takedown.

Podcast: “Gas Prices: It’s OK, You Can Say It, The Climate Agenda Is A Scam”

In this video (available on Rumble, YouTube, Odysee, and podcast), I review articles about 2022 gas prices. “Resident” Joe Biden and his puppet masters want Americans to suffer at the pump, but there is good news, too. Relief is on the way.


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I'm Nate Houstman

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