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NEVER FORGET: Joe Biden Gifted Iran With Over $80 Billion Since Entering The White House

Original Article By Jim Hoft At TheGatewayPundit.com:

On Sunday Iran launched an unprecedented missile and drone attack against Israel from Iranian soil.

In November 2023, the Joe Biden administration extended a sanctions waiver that allows Iran to collect another $10 billion in funds to assist the mullahs in funding their military operations in the region.

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Gun Control Activist David Hogg “Gets Wrecked” By Chinese Immigrant Who Escaped Communism

Original Article By “Tyler Durden” At ZeroHedge.com:

Earlier this week, elite liberal-leaning Ivy school Dartmouth College hosted a debate about gun control between radical leftist David Hogg and Libertarian vice presidential candidate Jeremy “Spike” Cohen. Late in the discussion, a Chinese immigrant who escaped the brutal hell of communism told Hogg in front of everyone in the auditorium about what happens when tyrannical governments ban guns. Hog was caught entirely off guard and left speechless, as he had no script with progressive talking points to combat what was said. 

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The Next Big Thing

Original Article By James Howard Kunstler At Kunstler.com:

I’m sure you can see exactly where all this is going. By all this, I refer to the cortège of disasters orchestrated by “Joe Biden” and associates — with help from a power-crazed globalist cabal — hauling our country at a gallop now to the graveyard of empires. Is there any question that they are out to wreck Western Civ? And speeding up the action because too many actual citizens are rising to oppose their degenerate wickedness?

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Iowa Caucus- Game On!

In 2020, election theft was obvious. What wasn’t obvious was the depth of the government’s corruption. It’s clear that Republicans are no more effective at fighting Democrats’ crimes than the Generals playing the Globetrotters. The 2024 Iowa Caucus is tomorrow, and all the dirty tricks are being brought online.

It’s easy to fall into despair, but in the process of exposing the Deep State’s system, we are finding legal solutions for the people. It’s still important to vote in caucuses, primaries, and general elections, because it will make the people’s wishes obvious. We are building a parallel economy to escape financial slavery. And we’re chipping away at the human trafficking scandal that has elected and installed leaders in the thrall of blackmail.

In the meantime, here’s a rundown of Election 2024 news stories.

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The Twists And Turns Of Trump’s Legal Journey

Original Article By Ted Noel At AmericanThinker.com:

Rather than walk through all the convoluted bits of Trump’s active Federal cases, it’s probably better if I simply hit the bullet points on the ones being heard right away. I’ll try to skip over lots of legalese on the way to giving you a clearer view of complicated processes.  You can dig in farther to understand more details before the D.C. Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court rule on the cases in front of them. All the pleadings are on line. The shortest ones are about forty pages.

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Fedsurrection Anniversary Day – They Needed an Emergency Session

Following the scale of manipulation within the 2020 election, those who did the manipulation, which included support from the FBI and DOJ, justified to keep their institutional agencies from being exposed, needed to do something to stop any state delegate challenge.  One successful state election challenge would have upended the entire system.  They needed an emergency session for the January 6th electoral certification.

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Trump Lawyers Drop Bombshell Revelations About Biden Regime and Jack Smith in Classified Docs Hearing

Trump’s lawyers on Wednesday afternoon attended a hearing in Fort Pierce, Florida on whether Judge Cannon will agree to postpone the classified documents trial currently scheduled for May 2024.

Trump’s lawyers dropped bombshell revelations during the hearing on Wednesday, according to reporter Julie Kelly.

Trump’s lawyers told Judge Cannon they discovered a June 2023 letter asking DOE to remove Trump’s ACTIVE SECURITY CLEARANCE.” – A few weeks AFTER Smith handed down classified documents indictment.

Trump’s lawyers told Judge Cannon this afternoon they have evidence that the Biden White House collaborated with NARA, DOJ, and intel agencies to determine which documents to include in Jack Smith’s indictment.

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Connecticut Democrat Judge OVERTURNS Bridgeport Mayoral Primary Results, Orders New Election – Following Shocking Video Evidence of Ballot Box Stuffing Fraud

A Democrat Judge in Connecticut overturned the results of the Bridgeport Democratic mayoral primary.

Superior Court Judge William Clark ordered a new election to be held, citing bombshell video evidence of election fraud as the basis for his decision. The ruling has far-reaching implications, not just for Bridgeport but for the entire country, as it sets a precedent for ongoing and future cases involving mail-in ballot fraud.

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Groups Behind Israel-Bashing Protests Backing Hamas Attacks Got $15M-Plus From George Soros

Far-left billionaire kingmaker George Soros has funneled more than $15 million since 2016 to groups behind this month’s pro-Palestine protests, where demonstrators openly cheered Hamas militants’ craven terrorist attacks on Israel.

A Post examination of Open Society Foundations records shows Soros’ grant-making network gave $13.7 million of the money through Tides Center, a deep-pocketed lefty advocacy group that sponsors several nonprofits who’ve justified Hamas’ bloody attacks while claiming Palestinians obsessed with the eradication of the Jewish state are the real victims.

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