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Common Cold Could Protect You From Covid – Study

Higher levels of T cells caused by the common cold make it less likely that a person will catch Covid, according to an “important discovery” outlined in a new peer-reviewed study.

The study, released on Monday by researchers at Imperial College London, is the “first evidence of a protective role for these T cells,” finding that their presence in high levels after a common cold can help to protect against Covid infection.

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The CDC Just Confirmed Something That’s Been Called a Conspiracy Theory for Nearly Two Years

Since the beginning of the pandemic, a debate over the accuracy of the COVID-19 death totals has existed, with the attempt being to delineate who died directly from the virus vs. who died while having an incidental infection.

That debate emerged because there have been numerous examples of people wrongly labeled as dying of the coronavirus when they clearly died by other means and would have done so regardless of infection. Typically, when a limited dive into the data produces such results (such as just looking at Palm Beach County), you can bet there are a lot more examples out there that just haven’t been discovered.

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The CDC May Be Committing Fraud with Its Reporting on Covid Deaths. Here’s Where They Seem to Admit It.

Covid death rates should be decreasing in the United States.

Let’s dissect what is going on in America right now with the last gasps of the Covid pandemic. The Omicron variant, now reported to be 95% of all Covid cases in the United States, is demonstrably far less deadly than earlier variants. It may even be comparable to the seasonal flu.

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Tai Chi Step By Step For Beginners Training Session 1

In this YouTube video by Master Song Kung Fu, Master Zak Song leads us in the basics of Tai Chi. Tai Chi is classified as an “internal” martial art style, one that develops your energy usage. The movements are flowing and gentle. It is said that Tai Chi is not an effective martial art on its own, but it can vastly improve your performance in other styles, like Taekwondo or Karate.

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Karate Workout For Beginners – Dec 25 2021

This YouTube video presents the weekly Karate workout by Sensei Jason Pennell. It was live streamed Christmas Day, 2021. Sensei Pennell leads us in a warmup, then basic martial arts techniques and calisthenics. These workouts are helpful for newcomers to the martial arts, as well as experienced practitioners who want to maintain their skills when they can’t attend their own class. As always, I recommend you find an instructor in your area if you wish to progress in your skills.

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Omicron Can Be So Mild, Americans Are Struggling To Distinguish It From A Common Cold

Many cases of the Omicron variant of COVID-19 are so mild, infected Americans are struggling to determine whether they have the virus or the common cold.

Cases of the virus are surging nationwide as the Omicron variant has become dominant in a matter of weeks. But deaths and hospitalizations are lagging behind, and many of those infected are reporting symptoms that more closely resemble a cold or the flu than a serious, deadly disease.

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