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Biden Regime Launches Airstrikes in Syria Against Iranian-Backed Units After Suspected Iranian Drone Kills American Contractor – Iran-Backed Forces then Retaliate (VIDEO)

The Biden regime launched airstrikes against groups linked to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Thursday in Syria after a suicide drone hit a coalition base in country’s northeast.

U.S. intelligence analysts determined the drone was of Iranian origin according to the Pentagon and happened near Hasaka at 1:38 p.m. local time.

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NY Democrats Propose 4% Tax On Netflix, Uber To Fund MTA

Albany lawmakers in the Assembly have floated potentially hitting streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and HBO Max with the state’s sales tax as one way to fund the cash-strapped Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

“A new tax on digital streaming services demonstrates how tone-deaf Democrats are to the affordability issues New Yorkers face,” said Assembly Minority Leader William Barclay (R-Syracuse).

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“Fascism!” AOC Throws Tantrum on House Floor Over Bill Protecting Parental Rights – Slams Books on Table Like a Child (VIDEO)

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) threw a tantrum on the House floor Thursday over the Republican led Parents Bill of Rights.

Parents and guardians under the proposed legislation have a right to evaluate curriculum, meet with their children’s teachers, and review library books. They would also be granted permission to confront school boards and obtain information on violent activity occurring at schools.

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Gun-Grabber Hypocrisy 1: Bloomberg’s Gun Control Stooge Forced To Squirm Over Non-Prosecution Of Hunter Biden For Gun Law Violations

The key to understanding the real motives of the gun-grabbers is their hypocrisy when one of their favored class gets caught violating the laws they support so fervently.  You see, it’s not guns that they object to; it’s guns in the wrong hands.  Yours, for instance.  Equal justice under the law?  That’s something that can readily be discarded once the ordinary folks are disarmed.

In a hearing on the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives yesterday, [Rep Tom Tiffany] cornered [Michael} Bloomberg’s guy [Rob] Wilcox over why Hunter [Biden] has not been prosecuted for gun crimes whose proof is solid, even confessed by Hunter himself.  A Dem on the panel tried to make a point of order to shut down the inquiry, but Rep. Tiffany just laughed it off.

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Jack Dorsey Loses Half A Billion In A Day, His ‘Cash App’ Is Accused Of Lying To Investors And Catering To Criminals

On Thursday, March 23rd, his company Block (formerly known as Square) took a tumble in the stock market, as the price  of the company’s shares fell by nearly 15% – causing Dorsey’s net worth to fall by U$562 million dollars.

The sharp decline in share prices was caused by a report by Hindenburg Research “accusing the firm of misleading investors and embracing a criminal user base.”

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