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CNN’s New President Chris Licht Announces He’s Quitting Twitter

CNN’s new president Chris Licht has said he will no longer be using Twitter after commencing his new role, stating that the platform can “skew” important issues.

Licht, a former showrunner of “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” is stepping into the shoes of former CNN President Jeff Zucker, who led the network in its coverage of rightful President Donald Trump’s administration.

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The Death Of Humor & The Rise Of “Activist Comedy”

When Hollywood tries to make you laugh, you get woke comedy that uses things such as the patriarchy for a punchline. In a glass half full world, maybe it’s a good thing that Hollywood isn’t making traditional comedies anymore but that doesn’t mean what comes next will be any better.

Comedy as we know it is dead and progressives killed it.

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“FAKE PRESIDENT” Trends On Twitter After Biden Again Uses The Fake White House Set Instead of White House

Original Article By Joe Hoft At TheGatewayPundit.com

We first reported about this last week as we uncovered the fact that Joe Biden supposedly took his COVID booster shot on a production set near the White House and not in the White House.

Yesterday, “FAKE PRESIDENT” trended on Twitter as Biden used the fake production set again. 

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Amazon, Walmart, Target Are Paying For College, But Money Isn’t Everything In Education

Amazon, Walmart, Target and McDonald’s are among the companies now offering various ways for their employees to obtain an education for free. It’s not a new idea in the world of employee benefits — employer-sponsored education has a history that goes back decades. But the education programs for low-wage workers are receiving more focus as the companies promote them in tight labor market, and that inevitably has led to skepticism about who benefits more: employer or employee?

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How We Know That Bitcoin Is A Force For Good

Original Article By Mark E. Jeftovic At BombThrower.com

Yesterday I wrote up why I don’t think any kind of China-style ban on Bitcoin and cryptos would be tenable in (so-called) liberal democracies here in the West. It referenced an earlier piece that described the threefold governance structure I see competing for relevance over the coming decades.

Somebody linked to those in the comments from a Tom Luongo piece (which I rather enjoyed enough to subscribe to his newsletter) but when I read through some of the other comments around Bitcoin, how it’s a globalist Trojan horse for surveillance capitalism and social credit I realized I needed to get a piece out to speak specifically to this aspect of future governance.

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