Elon Musk Releases A Trove Of Emails Detailing The Internal Debate At Twitter Over Censorship Of The Hunter Biden Laptop Story

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk did as he promised and revealed on Friday a trove of emails detailing the internal debate at Twitter over the censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop story ahead of the 2020 election.

“The ‘Twitter Files’ tell an incredible story from inside one of the world’s largest and most influential social media platforms. It is a Frankensteinian tale of a human-built mechanism grown out the control of its designer,” Taibbi wrote, summarizing the documents.

President Trump Special Master Appointment Overturned by Appeals Court – If Secret Search Warrant is Valid, All Seizure Valid – But You are Not Allowed to See Search Warrant, Because National Security

The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals having previously ruled the special master cannot review classified documents, also ruled today against the special master having any involvement in the filtering of seized documents from Mar-a-Lago.

President Trump’s lawyers have been: (1) blocked from receiving a non-redacted search warrant; (2) denied access to the underlying probable cause affidavit used to predicate the search warrant, and (3) denied the full contents of the documents that were seized as part of the warrant (they are not allowed to see).  Yet somewhere in this convoluted mess, we are supposed to believe a 4th amendment violation doesn’t exist.

Switzerland Considers Electric Vehicle Ban To Avoid Blackouts

Switzerland could limit the use of electric vehicles (EVs) in cases of electricity supply shortages this winter under a new four-step plan to prevent power cuts and blackouts.

To ensure energy security this winter, Switzerland could become the first country to limit the driving and use of EVs, German daily Der Spiegel reports, citing multiple media reports on the Swiss four-stage action plan to avoid blackouts.

Why Are LGBTQ Properties Bombing? The Answer Is More Simple Than You Think

From Disney’s “not-so-secret gay agenda,” to GLAAD cudgeling directors and studios to lopsidedly represent LGBTQ folks in movies and TV shows, the Woke’s march towards chaotic gay orthodoxy is in full swing. Audiences, however, keep tuning out. They may show indifference towards the concept of a gay couple in media, but the farther the idea is pushed, the more audiences reject it.

Here’s the thing – it may not actually be political.

The real reason movies such as Lightyear, Bros and Strange World die horrible deaths at the box office is not actually due to backlash against the LGBTQ movement. It’s much simpler than that – audiences simply cannot relate to the material.

Arizona Turning Point? The People Openly Call Out Election Fraud

Listed here is a collection of articles about stolen statewide elections in Arizona. Democrat Katie Hobbs is the Secretary of State, and oversaw the vote counting for her own race for governor. Thanks to smartphones and free speech friendly platforms (Twitter, Rumble), the people of Arizona can sound the alarm on this and other foul play.

Taking inspiration from protests in Brazil and China, Americans are speaking up. The Arizona governor’s race may or may not be “certified,” but the issue won’t go away. This may lead to a tumultuous but nationwide overhaul.

The Dollar Milkshake Theory: Surprising Implications for the US Economy

The dollar milkshake theory states that the US dollar will emerge stronger than ever — in the years to come — due to the fact that the central banks of many foreign countries issue debt in US dollars, as well as hold debt on their balance sheets in US dollars. In times like these, when countries such as Argentina and Sri Lanka are facing default — and wealthy countries have already issued debt to other nations in dollars — there will be a collective scramble for the American dollar, in markets abroad, like we have never seen before.

Hillary Clinton Linked to Dark Money Campaign Against Elon Musk Restoring Free Speech on Twitter

“A large coalition of political/social activist groups agreed not to try to kill Twitter by starving us of advertising revenue if I agreed to this condition,” Musk said. “They broke the deal.”

Now, it has come out who is backing a concerted effort to starve Twitter of advertising revenue: A Clinton-linked dark money group named “Accountable Tech.”

Biden Admin Can’t Account for $20 Billion in Aid to Ukraine

Biden’s administration is scrambling to track the nearly $20 billion in military aid it has sent to Ukraine as Republicans warn of impending audits when they take control of the House in January.

FTC Reportedly Considering Antitrust Lawsuit For Microsoft Acquisition Of Activision Blizzard

A new report is suggesting the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is considering an antitrust lawsuit to block the Microsoft acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

Bidenomics: 41% Of Small Businesses Can’t Pay Rent This Month, Report Warns

More than 40% of U.S. small business owners say they couldn’t pay rent on time or in full for the month of November, the highest this year.

The small business network group Alignable released the survey, which found that the hardship varies by industry. A notable 57% of beauty salons said they couldn’t make rent as well as 45% of gyms, 44% of retail and 44% of restaurants.

Dr. Fauci’s 7-Hour Deposition Blacked Out by Media — Here Is The Most Damning Revelation That Came Out

While millions of Americans are anxiously awaiting Fauci being held accountable for his numerous demonstrable falsehoods, there is a faint hope of accountability that may be provided by an ongoing lawsuit exposing Big Tech’s collusion with Covid “experts” during the pandemic.

A judge in September ordered Dr. Fauci, as well as former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki and current White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, to provide testimony on their role in Big Tech’s censorship of Americans’ views on the Covid pandemic. On Wednesday, Fauci provided a 7-hour deposition on this matter.

David Zaslav Calls Rebuilding DC and Warner Bros. Is “More Challenging Than We Thought”: “We Have An Awful Lot To Do, And an Awful Lot To Undo”

Warner Discovery CEO David Zaslav is being brutally honest about what it’s like to restructure Warner Bros. and it’s no easy task as it turns out he inherited a bigger mess than he thought he would. The studio, DC, the streaming offerings at HBO Max – all of it is a challenge he sums up with a quote from Kevin Costner on “Yellowstone.”

“We have an awful lot to do, and an awful lot to undo,” Zaslav said during a keynote conversation at the RBC Media conference as reported by Deadline. “It was much more challenging than we thought. You opened up the closet, things fell out. We are fixing them. Some assets are better than we thought at the core – the talent is better than we thought.”

Shocker: Disney Is In Trouble- Bob Chapek Ousted From CEO Position, Bob Iger Is Back, Blackrock, ESG, And FTX Involved?

Last weekend, the embattled Bob Chapek was ousted from his position of Disney CEO. His predecessor Bob Iger is back in the role. In previous entries of my blog and video channels, I contended that Chapek was trying to reform Disney, and make it a family-friendly brand once again. Iger had ambitions of running for office as a Democrat, and installed executives and studio heads to push far left propaganda.

CNN Anchor Left ‘Speechless’ When Identity Of Gay Nightclub Shooter Is Revealed

CNN hosts and pundits cannot wrap their minds around a mass shooting suspect whose motives do not fit the left’s narrative about ‘white supremacists,’ ‘homophobes’ and ‘far-right extremists’ committing atrocities.

These mass shooting events join a long list of recent incidents that failed to fit the left’s narrative about a surge in ‘Right-wing’ extremist violence, including the Uvalde mass shooting, Buffalo mass shooting, New York City subway shooting, Oklahoma hospital shooting, and Waukesha parade massacre.





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