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The Real, Deliberate Plot To Enslave You

More and more, the illusion of our free market economy is dissolving. The United States government, and those of several states, have been usurped by a criminal enterprise bent on taking away our property rights and honest methods of earning a living. Courts protect criminals and foreign invaders, and the supposed financial sector is entrapping people with endless debt.

Below are several news excerpts explaining the situation, but I refuse to give in to despair. The good news is the public is becoming aware of the evil plot. Once we fully understand the ways of the enemy, we’ll be able to eliminate them lawfully. There are safe havens for our wealth like precious metals and cryptocurrency. Private American citizens own at least 40% of the world’s guns. And young adults are breaking “generational curses” by studying psychology and dismantling the old methods of abuse. I discuss it all in my related video/podcast.

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Media, Defendants To Get Access To Capitol Video From Jan. 6 Attack

Original Article By Justin Papp At RollCall.com:

News outlets and Jan. 6 defendants are among those who will be able to view footage of the 2021 Capitol attack, according to a new policy released Friday by the House Administration Committee.

The policy will allow qualified individuals to view footage using terminals overseen by the committee, which became the steward of Jan. 6-related materials in the 118th Congress according to Republican House rules. 

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My Editor Trashed My Inquiry Into Child Sexual Abuse. Now I Know Why

Original Article By Dean Nelson At TheGuardian.com:

One morning, a fortnight ago, I checked the BBC headlines to find my old editor, Peter Wilby, peering out. He’d been exposed as a paedophile and convicted of possessing child sexual abuse images. I still feel sick at the discovery.

It would be disturbing enough to discover anyone you knew had done something so terrible – he was convicted of possessing images of children being raped since the 1990s. But Wilby wasn’t anyone. He was a pillar of the media establishment, an editor of the Independent on Sunday and the New Statesman, and a Guardian columnist.

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How Corruption Dictates the Practice of Medicine

Original Article By “A Midwestern Doctor” At MidwesternDoctor.com:

Steve Kirsch recently wrote an excellent article highlighting three “scientists” whose guideline recommendations were ultimately responsible for the deaths of nearly a million Americans.  To summarize: It shows that there are dozens of treatments for COVID-19 that have numerous peer reviewed studies demonstrating their efficacy.  Despite those existing therapeutics and countless petitions for their usage, the committee responsible for developing the guidelines on what is an appropriate treatment for COVID-19 has only approved remdesivir, which is a toxic drug with no therapeutic value for treating COVID-19.  As a result, a dangerous drug has been mandated, while many drugs that would save lives are prohibited in most medical systems.

Because I expected the conflicts of interests of the committee that determined the COVID-19 treatment guidelines to follow the typical pattern, I did some digging and discovered a lovely web of corruption that entangled many of its members.  The purpose of this article is to explain the typical pattern and illustrate how it was followed in this case.  I am doing this because I believe the first step to moving beyond that pattern is to recognize its existence.

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Giuliani Issues Warning To Marxist DA As He Turns Himself In At Fulton County Jail, ‘I’m The Same Rudy Giuliani That Took Down The Mafia’

Original Article By Cristina Laila At TheGatewayPundit.com:

Trump lawyer, former New York City Mayor and former federal prosecutor Rudy Giuliani turned himself in at the Fulton County jail on Wednesday.

Marxist Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis hit President Trump and 18 others with RICO and conspiracy charges for daring to challenge the 2020 election.

Rudy put Fani Willis on notice and issued a warning as he spoke to the press outside of the Fulton County courthouse.

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The Unforgivable Ivermectin Swindle

Original Article By “Quoth The Raven” At QuothTheRaven.Substack.com:

This month, lawyers for the Food and Drug Administration admitted in a U.S. court that doctors “do have the authority to prescribe ivermectin to treat COVID”, an admission that stands at stark odds with a multiple year campaign to misinform, misalign and tarnish the reputation of one of the world’s most successful drugs, which could have been used to save hundreds of thousands of lives during the pandemic.

I know this likely isn’t the case for my regular readers, but if you’re new to the blog and you happen to be one of those people who still doesn’t quite understand that you are routinely lied to by the media and the billionaires that run our country, I can think of no better indoctrination than the travesty of a fraud that was just perpetrated on the American people regarding ivermectin.

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The Party Of Preston Brooks Is A Crime Syndicate In Disguise

I go through a series of articles about crime in Blue cities. The Democrats want crime to happen; criminals and illegal aliens are their muscle, and crooked judges and police let them loose. The first step in fixing this mess is awareness- we must normalize calling the Democrats a violent gang, then look for an organization outside the courts to bring the to justice. The military, perhaps?

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Biden Transition Official Caught On Camera Saying Border Crisis Is ‘Boom For Business’

A senior official who handled immigration policy on Resident Joe Biden’s transition team was caught on video bragging about how he used the border crisis to help unqualified organizations secure billions of dollars in noncompete federal contracts to detain immigrant children and adults.

“It’s been a boom for my business,” said Andrew Lorenzen-Strait during one of several recorded conversations with Project Veritas, a conservative nonprofit group.

Lorenzen-Strait was a child welfare attorney who once oversaw detention at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement before taking top slots in Biden’s Department of Homeland Security and Department of Health and Human Services transition teams.

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