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Staggering 19.6 PERCENT Of US Office Space Is Unoccupied – Emptier Than At Any Other Point In Last 40 Years

Original Article By Emma Richter At DailyMail.co.uk:

A staggering 19.6 percent of US office spaces is unoccupied- the emptiest they’ve been in the last 40 years.

The drastic shift has spiked due to impacts from the pandemic, work-from-home lifestyle, years of overbuilding and the office-market decline of the 1980s and 90s, according to The Wall Street Journal.

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McFlation: Revenue Soars After McDonald’s Hikes Prices

On Monday, McDonald’s reported that revenue was up 14% on the quarter in what the burger company attributed to “strategic menu price increases.”

While the company didn’t reveal which of its items had increases, and how they applied them to the company’s 13,513 domestic restaurants and 38,000 abroad, one branch in Darien, CT is charging as much as $18 for a Big Mac combo meal, which includes a medium soft drink and medium fries.

That same combo in Times Square costs $13.69 – so it’s all over the place, and we suspect ‘strategic’ doesn’t just mean which items they’re hiking prices on, but where.

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US Companies Increasingly Eliminate College Degrees As A Requirement Amid ‘Out-Of-Control’ School Costs

American businesses are increasingly eliminating college degrees as part of their requirements for corporate roles, which is part of a wider trend in the U.S. job market that is de-emphasizing the value of a four-year diploma, according to experts.

Michael Gibson, venture capitalist and author of the book, Paper Belt on Fire, is a proponent of alternatives to the higher education system in the United States and described the trend as promising, especially given the $1.6 trillion in U.S. student debt.

“I think that has hobbled the passions and dreams of a lot of people,” he said. “I think that’s why we see this political struggle to cancel the debt. But, the most aggravating part is that everyone’s paying attention to the poor students who are billed, but no one is blaming the universities themselves for teaching worthless things or not providing the sort of career advice that they should.”

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“Netflix Effect” Is Back As Studios License Old Shows To Competitors Again

Some of Netflix’s competitors are reversing a streaming war tactic by licensing their old TV shows and movies to the streamer—boosting its programming offerings but also potentially squeezing its profit margins, analysts say.

Netflix relied heavily on programming that it licensed from other companies when it launched its streaming service in 2007. But after Walt Disney, NBCUniversal, Paramount and the then-Time Warner launched their own streaming services, they pulled many of their shows from Netflix to avoid feeding a company that had grown into an arch-competitor.

With legacy media groups under pressure to produce streaming profits, however, licensing revenue is looking attractive again—even if it comes from Netflix. This summer, Warner Bros Discovery’s HBO network began licensing a handful of older shows to Netflix, including Insecure, Six Feet Under, Ballers, and Band of Brothers.

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Pfizer, Moderna Stock Prices Down Considerably In 2023

Amid a decline in COVID-19 vaccinations, shares for two of the top mRNA vaccine manufacturers have dropped considerably this year.

Pfizer’s shares are down about 40 percent, and Moderna’s shares are down 55 percent for this year, coming as both companies recently released guidance on revenue projections. Novavax, which makes a COVID-19 vaccine that doesn’t use mRNA technology, has seen its stock drop by 63 percent for the year.

During the pandemic and after both companies introduced the widely used mRNA vaccines, shares of Moderna and Pfizer have seen steady increases. At one point in mid-September 2021, Moderna was worth nearly $450 per share but as of Friday, it’s down to about $80. For Pfizer, it peaked at around $59 per share in mid-December 2021, but it has dropped to around $30 as of Friday.

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This Month In Fake News- Wins And Losses For Free Speech

Rise and grind! It’s the first of the month! I review articles from October 2023 and chronicle the ongoing collapse of Corporate Media. They’re striking back ruthlessly by way of Big Tech and government collusion, but Independent Media is winning the chess game. The battle between Freedom of Speech and Fake News hinges on economics and trust.

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Why Unity Felt The Need To “Rush Out” Its Controversial Install-Fee Program

It’s been over a month now since Unity partially backtracked on its controversial proposed “pay per install” fee structure, a trust-destroying saga that seems to have contributed to the retirement of Unity CEO John Riccitiello. Now, a new report highlights some of the internal divisions over the “rushed-out” policy introduction and provides new insight into what may have been motivating the company to even attempt such a plan.

While much of the industry furor was focused on the business impact Unity would have on mid-sized indie game publishers, MobileGamer’s reporting suggests Unity’s moves were actually more focused on extracting a larger share of the lucrative mobile ad mediation market. Unity made a massive investment in that market about a year ago when it acquired IronSource, one of many major tools that mobile game devs use to maximize revenue by managing inventory from multiple ad networks at once.

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The Real, Deliberate Plot To Enslave You

More and more, the illusion of our free market economy is dissolving. The United States government, and those of several states, have been usurped by a criminal enterprise bent on taking away our property rights and honest methods of earning a living. Courts protect criminals and foreign invaders, and the supposed financial sector is entrapping people with endless debt.

Below are several news excerpts explaining the situation, but I refuse to give in to despair. The good news is the public is becoming aware of the evil plot. Once we fully understand the ways of the enemy, we’ll be able to eliminate them lawfully. There are safe havens for our wealth like precious metals and cryptocurrency. Private American citizens own at least 40% of the world’s guns. And young adults are breaking “generational curses” by studying psychology and dismantling the old methods of abuse. I discuss it all in my related video/podcast.

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Major Credit Ratings Firm Dumps Woke ‘ESG Ratings,’ Instantly Sees Stock Price Surge

S&P Global, one of the largest independent credit ratings firms in the world, has discontinued its practice of providing ‘Woke’ ESG ratings for corporate borrowers.

Former President Donald Trump’s Labor Department had place similar restrictions on ESG considerations for workplace retirement plans, which were subsequently overturned by the Biden administration through an executive order on “climate-related financial risk.”

S&P Global Inc., recently ranked by Insider Monkey as one of the top 30 stocks among hedge funds, has delivered a 13.45% return in the past 3 months. Since Tuesday’s market open, SPGI’s stock index climbed 10 points to $390 a share.

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