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The Real, Deliberate Plot To Enslave You

More and more, the illusion of our free market economy is dissolving. The United States government, and those of several states, have been usurped by a criminal enterprise bent on taking away our property rights and honest methods of earning a living. Courts protect criminals and foreign invaders, and the supposed financial sector is entrapping people with endless debt.

Below are several news excerpts explaining the situation, but I refuse to give in to despair. The good news is the public is becoming aware of the evil plot. Once we fully understand the ways of the enemy, we’ll be able to eliminate them lawfully. There are safe havens for our wealth like precious metals and cryptocurrency. Private American citizens own at least 40% of the world’s guns. And young adults are breaking “generational curses” by studying psychology and dismantling the old methods of abuse. I discuss it all in my related video/podcast.

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Major Credit Ratings Firm Dumps Woke ‘ESG Ratings,’ Instantly Sees Stock Price Surge

S&P Global, one of the largest independent credit ratings firms in the world, has discontinued its practice of providing ‘Woke’ ESG ratings for corporate borrowers.

Former President Donald Trump’s Labor Department had place similar restrictions on ESG considerations for workplace retirement plans, which were subsequently overturned by the Biden administration through an executive order on “climate-related financial risk.”

S&P Global Inc., recently ranked by Insider Monkey as one of the top 30 stocks among hedge funds, has delivered a 13.45% return in the past 3 months. Since Tuesday’s market open, SPGI’s stock index climbed 10 points to $390 a share.

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86ed! NYC To Begin Cutting Back On Ketchup, Napkins In Takeout Orders

Condiment lovers will now have to make a special request for the red sauce — as well as napkins and utensils — with their takeout order, thanks to the Big Apple’s newest crackdown on waste.

The new requirements stem from a “Skip the Stuff” law Mayor Eric Adams signed earlier this year. Bronx Councilwoman Marjorie Velázquez introduced the bill, highlighting that $40 billion of plastic utensils are discarded in the US every day, according to the official Council transcript.

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THREADS UNRAVELING: Traffic On Zuckerberg’s Twitter Alternative PLUMMETS In Second Week

Within 48 hours of launching on July 5, Mark Zuckerberg’s Threads managed to bring in 100 million users, making it the fastest growing application in history. The initial fanfare was short-lived, however, and Meta’s “Twitter alternative” has been on a downward spiral ever since.

Data collected by Similarweb has revealed that traffic on Threads has decreased by more than 50 percent in its second week of operation, though only the numbers only reflect Android users. Apple is scheduled to provide figures for iPhone users in the coming weeks.

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Report: Disney Has Lost Nearly $900 Million At Box Office Due To Its Recent Woke Flops!

The Walt Disney Company has reportedly lost $890 million due to multiple recent box office flops. Not The Bee has reported on each of these movies and Disney’s decline, but let’s review!

Moreover, as Hollywood analyst Valliant Renegade points out, since Disney has long-taken their content off other streaming services (such as Netflix and Amazon), they are losing out on big money that they previously enjoyed.

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