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How Mike Johnson Became Speaker ‘Through Prayer, Not Politics’

Eyebrows were raised when newly elected Speaker of the House Mike Johnson (R-La.) in his first address from the chair reminded the assembled Democratic and Republican members of the House of Representatives that the God of the Bible raised up each one of them for a purpose.

Those who know Mr. Johnson, a devout conservative Southern Baptist, however, weren’t surprised by his allusion to verses in the Bible such as Daniel 2:21 that say the Creator raises up and deposes of political leaders: “He changes times and seasons; he removes kings and sets up kings; he gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding.”

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Netflix Gives Narnia To “Barbie,” “Little Women” Director, Who Sees Her Work As “The Opposite Of The Creation Myth In Genesis” And Strips Away “The Pre-Victorian Morality” Of Characters

It seems the post-modernists that C.S. Lewis spent so much time skewering have finally decided it’s time for endless winter in Narnia.

Netflix has the rights to make Chronicles of Narnia movies now, and it has chosen actor and director Greta Gerwig to make said movies.

Gerwig, who was raised a Unitarian Universalist, was also the director of the 2019 Little Women movie, which some regarded as woke and feminist.

In the film, she took out the faith in God that was so crucial to the characters – the thing that all else revolved around – and replaced it with tones of feminist empowerment through the deconstruction of the Christian worldview.

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Watch: Woke Demonstrators Protest Supreme Court Rulings With Bizarre Ritual

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that “woke” isn’t a religion.  Activists at the Thurgood Marshall U.S. Courthouse in New York gathered in black garb, chanting and wailing in an unhinged procession following the Supreme Court’s recent decisions on Affirmative Action and student loan debt relief.  The reversal of Affirmative Action policies in US colleges is supported by a majority of Americans, with many viewing the use of skin color and ethnicity in school admissions as a form of codified racism.  

These kinds of performances are reminiscent of religious ceremony, or cult ceremony, and showcase a desperate need by activists for a form of spiritual redress – It’s not just performance art.  What we are seeing are the early stages of the formation of what you might call an “anti-religion,” or a religion of the self that also deifies political ideology.  As we have witnessed in recent months, they are even adopting repetitive mantras…

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South Dakota State Rep Calls Mount Rushmore A ‘Freemason Shrine,’ ‘Demonic Portal’ For Communism — And His Revelation Came From ‘The Lord’

A South Dakota state representative bizarrely claimed that the state’s Mount Rushmore is a “Freemason shrine,” and a demonic portal for communism.

Joe Donnell, who represents South Dakota’s District One in the state legislature, said during an appearance on the Now Is The Time podcast that his oddball revelation about the iconic national monument came from “The Lord.”

“What the Lord has revealed to me is that Mount Rushmore has a direct ley line to Washington, DC.”

Donnell then went on to explain the nefarious significance of a “ley line” — which is described as a path of spiritual energy that passes from one place to another.

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Nashville School Massacre Shines Spotlight On Mental Health Problems, Hormone Treatments And Growing Militancy In The Trans Community

The trans shooter who killed six people at a Nashville school has sent shockwaves through the transgender community, raising tough questions about militancy and mental health problems among the marginalized group.

The shooting has raised questions about the drugs used in sex-reassignment treatment and mental health conditions that are widespread in the trans community, and drawn parallels to other attacks by young female-to-male transitioners.

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Podcast: We Have Bigger Problems Than The Balloon- And An Even Bigger Solution

The Chinese spy balloon debacle proves that “Resident” Biden is an enemy of America. It’s a violation of our sovereignty, and it’s obvious Biden overthrew our government. But it should also tell us we have bigger problems than the election theft- how did that happen in the first place?

This situation is a perfect analogy of the spiritual war going on through human history. Things look bad and the people are angry, but we would embrace the enemy’s evil if they were really in control. There’s plenty of good news, God has given us solutions to our predicament. Watch the program to find out.

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Kamala Harris’s Totalitarian Take On The Declaration Of Independence

Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence is one of the towering documents in humankind’s development. Many of us, however, are so used to it as the backdrop of America’s creation that we forget to look at the meaning behind the words, and young people may not even know what it says. But you can be sure that political leftists are fully alive to its meaning. No wonder, then, that Kamala Harris omitted key concepts when she quoted it, allowing her to obscure the document’s profound and expansive view of human rights.

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