Original Article By “Tyler Durden” At ZeroHedge.com:

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that “woke” isn’t a religion.  Activists at the Thurgood Marshall U.S. Courthouse in New York gathered in black garb, chanting and wailing in an unhinged procession following the Supreme Court’s recent decisions on Affirmative Action and student loan debt relief.  The reversal of Affirmative Action policies in US colleges is supported by a majority of Americans, with many viewing the use of skin color and ethnicity in school admissions as a form of codified racism.  

The political left argues that colleges should take into account the “adversity” that minority students have overcome as a factor in acceptance while ignoring their academic accomplishments (or lack thereof); the Supreme Court has essentially ruled that race is not a useful indicator of adversity.  The SC is correct in this conclusion, but the political left has responded to the decision along with others that have not gone in their favor with abject rage and indignant shock. 

These kinds of performances are reminiscent of religious ceremony, or cult ceremony, and showcase a desperate need by activists for a form of spiritual redress – It’s not just performance art.  What we are seeing are the early stages of the formation of what you might call an “anti-religion,” or a religion of the self that also deifies political ideology.  As we have witnessed in recent months, they are even adopting repetitive mantras…

Normal people might view this behavior as mentally unstable, and it is.  But it is also an attempt by leftists, who are often devoid of internal meaning, to slap together and fabricate their own religious identity.  Why?  Because subjective Apocalypse movements need more than oppression status, they need a metaphysical experience.  They need the power and the horror of a righteous trance.  Don’t be surprised to see many more public displays like these from woke activists going forward as the movement continues its regression into zealotry.