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Twitter Artists Are Migrating To Japanese Open-Source Platform Misskey

Following the recent changes to Twitter, Japanese artists have decided to create Misskey accounts as backups, with some already abandoning Twitter for good.

Misskey is a Japanese open-source platform, that seems to have the same approach as Pixiv to its content and things published to the platform.

Misskey seems to already have a thriving Japanese community, and has decentralized Twitter-like feeds, ranging from art to news and group chats. The default feed is Misskey.io, which serves as a sort of general channel for the social media.

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THREADS UNRAVELING: Traffic On Zuckerberg’s Twitter Alternative PLUMMETS In Second Week

Within 48 hours of launching on July 5, Mark Zuckerberg’s Threads managed to bring in 100 million users, making it the fastest growing application in history. The initial fanfare was short-lived, however, and Meta’s “Twitter alternative” has been on a downward spiral ever since.

Data collected by Similarweb has revealed that traffic on Threads has decreased by more than 50 percent in its second week of operation, though only the numbers only reflect Android users. Apple is scheduled to provide figures for iPhone users in the coming weeks.

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What Did Zuck Expect?: Facebook’s Tool To Create AI Chatbots Is Being Used To Build Sexbots

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook (now known as Meta) has created open-source artificial intelligence technology that is sparking a debate about its potential for innovation and the risks that come with it due to misuse after users have begun creating AI sexbots to chat with.

By providing a means of avoiding corporate control and enabling a wide range of people to experiment freely with transformative technology, the emergence of open-source AI has opened up a new frontier in the tech world. Open-source AI’s shadowy side has led some to express concern because of the possibility of malicious actors taking advantage of this freedom. While Zuckerberg might imagine the greatest minds in the arts and sciences developing their own AI chatbots, the tech is just as likely to be used by perverts and predators. Unsurprisingly, AI sexbots have quickly sprung up after the Facebook technology launched.

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They’re Getting Sloppy- We Can See The Hypocrisy Over Crypto And The Bidens

We have to talk about crypto and criminal indictments again. Crazy how these topics mirror each other! Blackrock and the rest of “traditional” finance are trying to take over cryptocurrency a week after the SEC’s high profile lawsuits. Hunter Biden gets a slap on the wrist for over 450 publicly known crimes. The double standard is blatant, but that’s a good thing. The people are finding out, and we’ll make them pay when the time is right.

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SEC’s Gensler Says BTC, ETH ‘Not Securities’ In A Newly Surfaced Video

A newly surfaced video featuring Gary Gensler from 2018 has made the rounds on social media, showing the now-chair of the United States securities regulator again stating that multiple cryptocurrencies are “not securities.”

It appears to contrast with Gensler’s more recent actions at the SEC, which has seen the regulator initiate a flurry of enforcement action on the crypto space in the past few months.

While Gensler’s comments came at a time before he chaired the SEC, many in the crypto space have claimed his actions are hypocritical. One U.S. lawmaker introduced a bill with the intention of firing Gensler, claiming that he’s abusing his power.

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12 “Parallel Economy” Businesses You Can Start Today

Millions of people are quickly realizing that they cannot trust the institutions they rely on daily.

Every level of government, big tech, big pharma, the corporate media, and the faceless nameless “experts” cannot be trusted to provide the goods and services that keep society running.

Below is a list of 12 ideas to get you thinking about the types of businesses that will help build this parallel economy.

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