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Biden Is A Suicide Bomber- Focus On The Puppet Masters

“Resident” Biden may or may not be brought down soon. His usefulness to the NWO/Invisible Enemy is at an end. In this program I discuss all the harm he and his handlers intentionally wrought on America. Then we look at the good news, the people are more awake to corruption than ever before. When we find the root cause, then we’ll be able to strike.

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Texas Senate Passes Legislation Banning ‘Hostile Foreign Nations’ From Buying Farmland

The Texas state senate passed legislation this week banning the purchase of farmland by citizens and entities linked to hostile foreign nations, a move which the author of the bill says will provide “sweeping state and national security protections.”

“This bill protects Texas farmland, oil and gas, rare earth materials and timber from being owned by foreign entities classified as hostile by the Director of U.S. National Intelligence for three consecutive reports. These nations currently include China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran,” wrote Sen . Lois Kolkhorst (R) following the passage of her legislation by a vote of 19-12 in the state Senate on April 26.

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WaPo: Say, Why Haven’t We Converted Manufacturing Plants Across The Country To Make Weapons For Ukraine?

Leave it to David Ignatius, The Washington Post’s foreign affairs columnist, to ask the question no one other than reliable servants to Washington’s enduring war uniparty would.

“This ought to be the trump card for the United States. In World War II, the United States converted manufacturing plants across the country to make tanks, planes and aircraft carriers that simply overwhelmed Japan and Germany. No similar mobilization has taken place this time. Why not? Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has met several times with defense contractors, but why hasn’t President Biden appointed the equivalent of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s War Production Board?”

We’re not at war. Not yet, anyway, although it’s not for want of trying on the part of people like Ignatius.

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Biden DOJ Gives Preferential Treatment To Trans Activists, Sends SWAT Teams After Christians

In the wake of the Covenant School massacre, which saw three young Christian children and three church staff members executed by a transgender gunperson, there is growing doubt over the Biden administration’s concern for giving Americans equal treatment regardless of identity.

There is evidence that suggests that Audrey Hale, the suspect in the Nashville shooting, was animated by anti-Christian sentiment; but the Biden administration has not even hinted at labeling the massacre a “hate crime.” Sen. Josh Hawley has drawn attention to this silent bigotry against Christians by demanding in a Senate resolution that the shooting rampage be investigated as a “hate crime.”

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Texas AG Blasts ‘Soros-Backed’ Travis County DA After Soldier’s Shooting Conviction

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton blasted Travis County District Attorney José Garza who he described as a “Soros-backed” prosecutor. The attack on the district attorney followed the conviction by a local jury of Army Sergeant Daniel Perry in connection to the shooting death of a Black Lives Matter armed protester in July 2020. Sgt. Perry claimed self-defense in the case.

“Self-defense is a God-given right, not a crime,” Attorney General Paxton told Fox News on Saturday morning. “Unfortunately, the Soros-backed DA in Travis County cares more about the radical agenda of dangerous Antifa and BLM mobs than justice.”

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Nashville School Massacre Shines Spotlight On Mental Health Problems, Hormone Treatments And Growing Militancy In The Trans Community

The trans shooter who killed six people at a Nashville school has sent shockwaves through the transgender community, raising tough questions about militancy and mental health problems among the marginalized group.

The shooting has raised questions about the drugs used in sex-reassignment treatment and mental health conditions that are widespread in the trans community, and drawn parallels to other attacks by young female-to-male transitioners.

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Nashville Police Chief Says Trans Shooter Was Under Doctor’s Care For ‘Emotional Disorder’

Nashville Police Chief John Drake said Tuesday that the transgender shooter involved in the Nashville, Tennessee, school shooting was undergoing medical care for an “emotional disorder.”

Hale bought seven firearms legally despite medical professionals’ concerns about her mental health. Drake told the press Tuesday that if law enforcement had been made aware of suicidal or homicidal concerns, they would have attempted to confiscate the weapons.

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Trans Shooter’s Preferred Target Had Too Much Security, Official Says

The Nashville, Tennessee, Police believe the school shooter may have had plans to target a local mall and family members but “too much security” turned her away.

On Monday, 28-year-old Audrey Hale, a woman who was transgender and went by “he/him” pronouns, shot through Covenant School doors before firing at and killing three children and three adults. Nashville Police believe that Hale, a former student at the school, “had some history there” and “possibly some resentment,” according to CBS News.

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Mother Of “Transgender” Nashville School Shooter Was Gun Control Activist – Shared Petition To Keep Guns Out Of Schools

The mother of the transgender Nashville school shooter feverishly campaigned for gun control.

““So important!” Norma Hale wrote in a March 8, 2018 Facebook post as she shared the petition that stated “Keep Guns Out of School” that appeared to be from the Sandy Hook Promise Foundation.”

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Biden Regime Launches Airstrikes in Syria Against Iranian-Backed Units After Suspected Iranian Drone Kills American Contractor – Iran-Backed Forces then Retaliate (VIDEO)

The Biden regime launched airstrikes against groups linked to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Thursday in Syria after a suicide drone hit a coalition base in country’s northeast.

U.S. intelligence analysts determined the drone was of Iranian origin according to the Pentagon and happened near Hasaka at 1:38 p.m. local time.

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Gun-Grabber Hypocrisy 1: Bloomberg’s Gun Control Stooge Forced To Squirm Over Non-Prosecution Of Hunter Biden For Gun Law Violations

The key to understanding the real motives of the gun-grabbers is their hypocrisy when one of their favored class gets caught violating the laws they support so fervently.  You see, it’s not guns that they object to; it’s guns in the wrong hands.  Yours, for instance.  Equal justice under the law?  That’s something that can readily be discarded once the ordinary folks are disarmed.

In a hearing on the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives yesterday, [Rep Tom Tiffany] cornered [Michael} Bloomberg’s guy [Rob] Wilcox over why Hunter [Biden] has not been prosecuted for gun crimes whose proof is solid, even confessed by Hunter himself.  A Dem on the panel tried to make a point of order to shut down the inquiry, but Rep. Tiffany just laughed it off.

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