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NEVER FORGET: Joe Biden Gifted Iran With Over $80 Billion Since Entering The White House

Original Article By Jim Hoft At TheGatewayPundit.com:

On Sunday Iran launched an unprecedented missile and drone attack against Israel from Iranian soil.

In November 2023, the Joe Biden administration extended a sanctions waiver that allows Iran to collect another $10 billion in funds to assist the mullahs in funding their military operations in the region.

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Gun Control Activist David Hogg “Gets Wrecked” By Chinese Immigrant Who Escaped Communism

Original Article By “Tyler Durden” At ZeroHedge.com:

Earlier this week, elite liberal-leaning Ivy school Dartmouth College hosted a debate about gun control between radical leftist David Hogg and Libertarian vice presidential candidate Jeremy “Spike” Cohen. Late in the discussion, a Chinese immigrant who escaped the brutal hell of communism told Hogg in front of everyone in the auditorium about what happens when tyrannical governments ban guns. Hog was caught entirely off guard and left speechless, as he had no script with progressive talking points to combat what was said. 

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The Next Big Thing

Original Article By James Howard Kunstler At Kunstler.com:

I’m sure you can see exactly where all this is going. By all this, I refer to the cortège of disasters orchestrated by “Joe Biden” and associates — with help from a power-crazed globalist cabal — hauling our country at a gallop now to the graveyard of empires. Is there any question that they are out to wreck Western Civ? And speeding up the action because too many actual citizens are rising to oppose their degenerate wickedness?

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Terrorist Attacks In America: For What Are They Waiting?

We somehow managed to get through Christmas and New Year’s Eve without terrorist attacks. For what are they waiting?

The FBI has admitted they’re watching at least 300 people on the Terrorist Watch List (TWL). Never mind why people on the TWL were allowed into the country so they could be watched in the first place. That’s “need to know” and Americans don’t have a need to know. Our security apparatus has also admitted thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of military aged males from countries that would like every American dead have crossed the border. These are countries like Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, and many others. They’ve also grudgingly admitted it appears plenty of these military aged males, who happen to be Chinese, just might be members of the Chinese military. 

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Women Quit Jiu-Jitsu Tournament After Being Forced To Fight Men, Prompting Association To Change Its Rules

Female martial artists refused to participate in a tournament last weekend after men took over the women’s category. In an interview with Reduxx, the female athletes expressed a fear for their safety as male competitors have repeatedly infiltrated their sport.

The female athletes reportedly were not notified they would be matched up against males.

And this wasn’t supposed to happen anymore.

NAGA received widespread criticism in September after a female Brazilian jiu-jitsu athlete had not been informed she would be competing against a male. Taelor Moore posted a clip of her fight against James “Alice” McPike on her Instagram, noting that a 65-lb weight difference between the two competitors.

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Groups Behind Israel-Bashing Protests Backing Hamas Attacks Got $15M-Plus From George Soros

Far-left billionaire kingmaker George Soros has funneled more than $15 million since 2016 to groups behind this month’s pro-Palestine protests, where demonstrators openly cheered Hamas militants’ craven terrorist attacks on Israel.

A Post examination of Open Society Foundations records shows Soros’ grant-making network gave $13.7 million of the money through Tides Center, a deep-pocketed lefty advocacy group that sponsors several nonprofits who’ve justified Hamas’ bloody attacks while claiming Palestinians obsessed with the eradication of the Jewish state are the real victims.

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The World Was Safer When America Was An Energy Superpower

Since the crumbling of the Iron Curtain and the dissolution of the Soviet Union, our leaders championed a New World Order.  Hamas’s barbaric attack has many wondering if our leadership has instead delivered a “New World Disorder.”

Commentators blame the U.S. blundering in and out of wars in the Mideast: Libya, Iraq, and the dismal Afghanistan withdrawal.  Appeasement of Iran by the Obama and Biden administrations, together with Trump’s “curious affection for autocrats,” are catalogued as causes of our unraveling world.  Seldom mentioned is the abrupt decline of the U.S. oil and gas industry. 

When Russia invaded Ukraine…, [Resident] Biden was confident that sanctions similar to those used by Trump so effectively against Iran would bring a quick end to the conflict.  After over a year and a death toll in the hundreds of thousands, it is clear that sanctions cannot work without American energy dominance.  Energy weakness also allowed Iran to evade previously effective sanctions to orchestrate the horrific Hamas attack on Israel.

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Israel vs Hamas- Fighting The REAL Enemy

I’m back with a video! The New World Order, Deep State, Bankers, whatever you want to call them, want war. So they had Hamas attack Israel in the most obscene way possible. I’m not the war hawk I used to be, but I’m all for going after the real threat. The head of the snake if you will.

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The Real, Deliberate Plot To Enslave You

More and more, the illusion of our free market economy is dissolving. The United States government, and those of several states, have been usurped by a criminal enterprise bent on taking away our property rights and honest methods of earning a living. Courts protect criminals and foreign invaders, and the supposed financial sector is entrapping people with endless debt.

Below are several news excerpts explaining the situation, but I refuse to give in to despair. The good news is the public is becoming aware of the evil plot. Once we fully understand the ways of the enemy, we’ll be able to eliminate them lawfully. There are safe havens for our wealth like precious metals and cryptocurrency. Private American citizens own at least 40% of the world’s guns. And young adults are breaking “generational curses” by studying psychology and dismantling the old methods of abuse. I discuss it all in my related video/podcast.

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China Is Putting Its Soldiers On US Soil, And Thanks To Joe Biden’s Open Border, It Can —Congressman

House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mark Green, R-Tenn., on Wednesday said China is likely sending military personnel into the United States across the southern border.

The information is correlated with a striking rise in Chinese illegal border-crossers into the U.S. through our southern border — some 10,000 from October 2022, the beginning of the federal fiscal year, through April 2023, a sharp rise compared to about 2,000 who arrived from the same period last year.

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