What an October- another attack on Israel, and another mass shooting. But something is different this time. People are more aware than ever they need to protect themselves with weapons. I analyze articles and social media posts concerning the Lewiston, Maine tragedy. We’re getting closer to the cause of mass shootings in America.

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Breitbart- Biden Pushes Lawsuits Against Gun Makers Following Maine Attacks:

“On Thursday, in response to the Maine shootings, Resident Joe Biden pushed for a repeal of protections that protect gun makers from frivolous lawsuits, universal background checks, and other gun controls.”

“WhiteHouse.gov published Biden’s statement, which opened with him saying, “Today, Jill and I are praying for the Americans who’ve lost their lives, for those still in critical care, and for the families, survivors, and community members enduring shock and grief.”

“He then urged residents in Maine’s Lewiston area to heed all law enforcement’s warnings, including alerts to shelter-in-place.

“Biden eventually transitioned to the summer 2022 passage of the gun control he passed with Sen. John Cornyn’s (R-TX) help, noting, as always, that gun control is not enough.

He then said:

I urge Republican lawmakers in Congress to fulfill their duty to protect the American people. Work with us to pass a bill banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, to enact universal background checks, to require safe storage of guns, and end immunity from liability for gun manufacturers.

The Gateway Pundit- Family of Maine Shooting Suspect Says He Started To Hear “Horrible Things” After Being Fitted for “High-Powered Hearing-Aids”:

“The family of Robert Card, the man accused of shooting and killing 18 people in Lewiston, Maine, have shared several details with police about Robert’s “acute” mental health episodes the months leading up to the mass shooting.

“In an exclusive report, NBC News reported Katie Card who is married to Robert’s brother, shared that Robert began to hear “horrible” voices talking about him just shortly after he was “fitted for high-powered hearing aids.”

“Katie Card told NBC “He was picking up voices that he had never heard.

“She continued “His mind was twisting them around. He was humiliated by the things that he thought were being said.””

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Woke Societies- Telegram:

“This professor bounces sound waves carrying music that can not be heard out loud but can be heard inside your head.

“This experiment was carried out at a college and I believe he played a Eagle’s song.

“Look at the student’s reactions.

“If a college professor can do this with a few hundred dollars, don’t tell me our government isn’t capable of activating mentally broken people to carry out heinous acts.

“”Voice of God” ring a bell?”

JuliansRum- Truth Social:

JuliansRum- Truth Social:


Yahoo! News- Gun sales surging among Jewish Americans in wake of Hamas attack on Israel:

“Gun sales have surged among Jews throughout the United States since Hamas attacked Israel more than two weeks ago.

“Firearm instructors and Jewish security groups across the country say they have been flooded with new clientele since the Oct. 7 assault, according to NBC News. Gun shop owners in Florida say they have seen more Jews purchase firearms in recent weeks than ever before.

““We’ve definitely seen a tremendous increase in religious Jewish people, Orthodox people, purchasing firearms,” said David Kowalsky, who owns Florida Gun Store in the town of Hollywood, and also offers firearms training classes. “I’ve seen a surge in interest in individual training as well as group training.””

“Kowalsky, who is Jewish, said local synagogues had asked him to host gun training seminars and shooting sessions in the past week. He said most participants at one gun safety seminar were new to guns, per NBC.”

““It’s been a really big change this last three or four days,” David Prince, of Eagle Gun Range, told the TV station. “The people coming in and saying they are scared for their lives, because of their religion they are expecting to be attacked.”

“The customers, he said, are primarily Jewish, including one named Jake, who described himself as an observant Jew.

““From my experience in Israel, whenever something big happens, the Jews around the world, they suffer from it too as well,” he said. “With what’s going on over there, I’m more concerned of something going bad.””

ZeroHedge- WW3 Fears Trigger American Panic-Buying Of 5.56 Ammo, Prices Surge 39% In A Week:

“Oct. 23, 2023- As the Israel-Hamas war sparks fears of WW3, law-abiding Americans are streaming the chaos in Israel and Gaza on their smartphones or smart TVs and have come to one conclusion: It’s time to panic buy ammo (just like during Covid). 

“New data from the ammo tracking website Ammo Prices Now shows 5.56×45mm NATO caliber ammunition listed online by popular brands has surged 39% in the past week, from .36 per round on Oct. 14 to .50 per round on Sunday.”

“Besides the Israel-Hamas war threatening to broaden into a regional conflict, Americans are also watching the Ukraine war and imploding US cities governed by radical progressives who could care less about law and order. All of these developments are stoking yet again another run on ammo.

“Remember what Elon Musk said on X last week, “As tragic as the mass shootings are, armed citizens are essential to the defense of democracy.”

“… and don’t forget when shit hits the fan, the government won’t be there to save you.”

The Gateway Pundit- Gun Sales Spike 200% in Maine After Tragic Mass Shooting:

“Gun sales in Lewiston, Maine and the surrounding area spiked over 200% after a deadly mass shooting claimed the lives of 18 people and wounded over a dozen more.

“Despite a shelter-in-place order being put in place in Lewiston, Maine, local gun shop owners were urged to open up their doors by community members who pleaded with them to open up shop.

“According to Fox Business, Ryan Gagnon, who is a co-owner of 3 Cousins Firearms in Lewiston, reported, “Our sales were up, I would say, over 200% compared to a typical Friday.”

“Another gun shop owner, Tony Lewis,  shared that he did more business after the mass shooting than he did the entire month.

“Lewis then explained the reason why residents of Maine were flocking to buy guns and it was because “People are scared.. So they want to make sure they can protect themselves.””