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Disney Tops Long List Of Woke Failures With Upcoming Release Of Gay Star Wars Show

Original Article By “Tyler Durden” At ZeroHedge.com:

A key element of understanding the smooth-brained antics of the woke left is that they are incapable of doing anything “creative” without sexualizing it and politicizing it.  Their collective identity revolves around who they lust after, how to virtue signal to the herd and who is supposedly the most oppressed.  Remove these things from their daily lives and there’s not much left to look at.  They could disappear tomorrow along with all of their media products and the world wouldn’t miss them in the slightest.

When a company chooses to pander to this small margin of the population there’s very little profit to be made.  A few years ago ESG lending was the big motivator for corporations to promote far-left ideology – With every progressive product, progressive commercial and progressive employment policy those businesses added to their overall ESG score.

Case in point – The numerous failures of Disney.

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Former Blizzard Boss Suggests Players Should Be Able To ‘Tip’ Devs After Finishing A Game

Original Article By Jordan Middler At VideoGamesChronicle.com:

Former Blizzard president Mike Ybarra has suggested that players should be able to tip developers after completing a game.

“I’ve often thought ‘I wish I could give these folks another $10 or $20 because it was worth more than my initial $70 and they didn’t try to nickel and dime me every second’.”

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As Disney Pushes Toward Streaming Profitability, Pixar To Undergo Layoffs In 2024

Original Article By Sarah Perez At TechCrunch.com:

Disney-owned animation studio Pixar is poised to undergo layoffs this year, TechCrunch has learned and the company confirmed. While sources at the company said the layoffs would be significant and as high as 20% — or reductions that would see Pixar’s team of 1,300 dropped to less than 1,000 over the coming months — Pixar says those numbers are too high. Rather, the studio said the number of impacted employees is still being determined due to factors like production schedules and staffing for future greenlit films.

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Disney’s ‘Steamboat Willie’ YouTube Copyright Claim Is Back, This Time For Audio

 has once again demonetized a third-party Steamboat Willie video, after previously remonetizing it and dropping its copyright claim against it. This time taking issue with the video’s audio.

On Thursday, Mashable reported that Disney struck voice actor and YouTuber Brock Baker with a copyright claim quickly after he posted a Steamboat Willie video, despite the cartoon entering the public domain at the beginning of the year. Due to the copyright claim, Baker couldn’t make money off the video, which was also banned from third-party embeds and altogether in some countries.

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A Wokecession Comes for Hollywood

Dissident Hollywood types are starting to talk about a Wokecession for movie-going. The idea is that Hollywood’s insistence on including left-wing political themes in its films has started to weigh on ticket sales.

Far from a general downturn, October’s figures indicate that Americans pulled back on purchasing the entertainment products pushed by the big corporate entertainment giants.

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Japan’s Collapse Imminent: Prime Minister Calls On BlackRock To “Invest In Japan”

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida might be opening up the country to ESG policies and further politicization or censorship as he called on BlackRock and others to invest in Japan.

BlackRock gives every company an ESG score, or an Environmental, Social, and Governance score.

For those not familiar, ESG acts like a “social credit score” for companies, and many western companies (especially in the entertainment industry) are kowtowing to it.

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“Netflix Effect” Is Back As Studios License Old Shows To Competitors Again

Some of Netflix’s competitors are reversing a streaming war tactic by licensing their old TV shows and movies to the streamer—boosting its programming offerings but also potentially squeezing its profit margins, analysts say.

Netflix relied heavily on programming that it licensed from other companies when it launched its streaming service in 2007. But after Walt Disney, NBCUniversal, Paramount and the then-Time Warner launched their own streaming services, they pulled many of their shows from Netflix to avoid feeding a company that had grown into an arch-competitor.

With legacy media groups under pressure to produce streaming profits, however, licensing revenue is looking attractive again—even if it comes from Netflix. This summer, Warner Bros Discovery’s HBO network began licensing a handful of older shows to Netflix, including Insecure, Six Feet Under, Ballers, and Band of Brothers.

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Disney Releases Data Showing Woke ESPN Has Lost 20% in Profits

Despite the wave of layoffs, it appears that woke ESPN’s profits had fallen by 20 percent over the first nine months of the year, according to the data released by the network’s owner, Disney.

“Revenues for Disney’s sports division were $13.2 billion over the first nine months of fiscal 2023, a 1.3% drop compared to the same period in FY 2022 ($13.37 billion),” according to Front Office Sports.

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Social Media Users Criticizing Attractive [Game] Mods Exposed As Hypocrites

A social media thread dedicated to hating people who admire female attractiveness in video games has revealed the hypocrisy of such critics, yet again.

A Twitter user shared their disgust for people who make mods in games that accentuate female appeal…

Though, the absurdity from this user comes from people who searched his tweet history, and revealed a comment he wrote…

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