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After Disney Rejects The Divinity Of Jesus Christ During Their Candlelight Processional, Lutheran Leader Calls For Parents To Ditch Disney To Save Their Kids’ Hearts And Minds

Lutheran leader Dr. Gregory P. Seltz, the Executive Director of the Lutheran Center for Religious Liberty in Washington, D.C. and the Speaker Emeritus for The Lutheran Hour, called on parents to ditch Disney after the company rejected the divinity of Jesus Christ during their EPCOT International Festival of the Holidays – Candlelight Processional.

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DirecTV Lays Off Hundreds, Blaming Pay-TV’s “Secular Decline”

DirecTV is laying off hundreds of managers as the cord-cutting trend continues hammering the firm with a rolling, mass exodus of customers. The cuts reportedly represent about 10% of management, which comprises about half of the company’s staff. 

In a sign of the times, DirecTV, which launched the NFL’s Sunday Ticket package in 1994, elected not to continue, following years of losses on the product. Meanwhile, YouTube TV — a chief beneficiary of the cord-cutting trend — will start carrying Sunday Ticket, paying $2 billion a year for the privilege.

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Deep Rock Galactic Nearly Tripled Its User Base, Sold 2.3M Units In 2022

Our favorite alcoholic dwarves from Deep Rock Galactic are rising through Steam’s most-played list, even recently getting console ports, so let’s crunch some numbers.

Deep Rock Galactic is a breath of fresh air on an over-saturated landscape of cash grabs, and the love that went into it is extremely easy to see through the loyal fanbase the game has acquired.

The game currently has 97% positive Steam reviews and is known for being one of the best co-op online games currently on the market.

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James Cameron Says He Cut 10 Minutes Of Combat Footage From ‘Avatar: The Way Of Water’ Because He Did Not Want To “Fetishize The Gun”

Following his declarations that testosterone is “a toxin you have to slowly work out of your system” and that depictions of pregnant women voluntarily engaging in non-essential combat was the next step in “female empowerment“, James Cameron has gone for a neoliberalism hat trick by revealing that he cut roughly ten minutes of footage from Avatar: The Way of Water because he did not want to “fetishize the gun”.

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Why Are LGBTQ Properties Bombing? The Answer Is More Simple Than You Think

From Disney’s “not-so-secret gay agenda,” to GLAAD cudgeling directors and studios to lopsidedly represent LGBTQ folks in movies and TV shows, the Woke’s march towards chaotic gay orthodoxy is in full swing. Audiences, however, keep tuning out. They may show indifference towards the concept of a gay couple in media, but the farther the idea is pushed, the more audiences reject it.

Here’s the thing – it may not actually be political.

The real reason movies such as Lightyear, Bros and Strange World die horrible deaths at the box office is not actually due to backlash against the LGBTQ movement. It’s much simpler than that – audiences simply cannot relate to the material.

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David Zaslav Calls Rebuilding DC and Warner Bros. Is “More Challenging Than We Thought”: “We Have An Awful Lot To Do, And an Awful Lot To Undo”

Warner Discovery CEO David Zaslav is being brutally honest about what it’s like to restructure Warner Bros. and it’s no easy task as it turns out he inherited a bigger mess than he thought he would. The studio, DC, the streaming offerings at HBO Max – all of it is a challenge he sums up with a quote from Kevin Costner on “Yellowstone.”

“We have an awful lot to do, and an awful lot to undo,” Zaslav said during a keynote conversation at the RBC Media conference as reported by Deadline. “It was much more challenging than we thought. You opened up the closet, things fell out. We are fixing them. Some assets are better than we thought at the core – the talent is better than we thought.”

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