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Staggering 19.6 PERCENT Of US Office Space Is Unoccupied – Emptier Than At Any Other Point In Last 40 Years

Original Article By Emma Richter At DailyMail.co.uk:

A staggering 19.6 percent of US office spaces is unoccupied- the emptiest they’ve been in the last 40 years.

The drastic shift has spiked due to impacts from the pandemic, work-from-home lifestyle, years of overbuilding and the office-market decline of the 1980s and 90s, according to The Wall Street Journal.

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ZeroHedge- Democrats Dissent On SEC Spot Bitcoin Approval, Gensler Distances Himself From ‘Terrorist-Financing’ Crypto

Following yesterday’s false start, it appears the SEC has now officially approved a spot Bitcoin ETF… and screwed-up the release AGAIN!

In Jan. 10 letters filed with the SEC, Cboe said it had approved spot BTC ETF offerings from ARK 21Shares, Invesco Galaxy, Fidelity, VanEck, WisdomTree and Franklin Templeton. The deadline for final approval or denial of the spot Bitcoin ETF from ARK 21Shares is Jan. 10, leading to speculation that the SEC may approve multiple offerings from asset managers simultaneously.

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Gary Gensler Reports SEC X Account ‘Compromised’ — No Spot Bitcoin ETF Approval Yet

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has confirmed it has not yet approved the listing and trading of spot Bitcoin exchange-traded products, and that a previous post suggesting so, was false.

On Jan. 9, multiple news outlets published an inaccurate story after the official X (formerly Twitter) account of the SEC posted a tweet claiming that the regulator had approved spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds for the first time.

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A Wokecession Comes for Hollywood

Dissident Hollywood types are starting to talk about a Wokecession for movie-going. The idea is that Hollywood’s insistence on including left-wing political themes in its films has started to weigh on ticket sales.

Far from a general downturn, October’s figures indicate that Americans pulled back on purchasing the entertainment products pushed by the big corporate entertainment giants.

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‘I Was In Complete Shock’: New Dating Trend Sees Men Asking For Refunds When They Don’t See A ‘Return On Investment’ — How The Rules Of Romance Have Changed Amid High Costs Of Living

A new dating trend has been popping up, where men send money requests to women after they decline a second date. Some even express they’d like their date’s share of the bill back since they didn’t get a return on their “investment.”

A psychotherapist cited by CNBC pointed out that this new trend could be partially due to the skyrocketing cost of living. A first date costs an average of $77 according to LendingTree — a high price to pay in a time of wage stagnation and inflation.

But maybe it’s to be expected — changing economic realities create new rules around money and dating. Here’s what you need to know if you’re still playing the field.

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The World Was Safer When America Was An Energy Superpower

Since the crumbling of the Iron Curtain and the dissolution of the Soviet Union, our leaders championed a New World Order.  Hamas’s barbaric attack has many wondering if our leadership has instead delivered a “New World Disorder.”

Commentators blame the U.S. blundering in and out of wars in the Mideast: Libya, Iraq, and the dismal Afghanistan withdrawal.  Appeasement of Iran by the Obama and Biden administrations, together with Trump’s “curious affection for autocrats,” are catalogued as causes of our unraveling world.  Seldom mentioned is the abrupt decline of the U.S. oil and gas industry. 

When Russia invaded Ukraine…, [Resident] Biden was confident that sanctions similar to those used by Trump so effectively against Iran would bring a quick end to the conflict.  After over a year and a death toll in the hundreds of thousands, it is clear that sanctions cannot work without American energy dominance.  Energy weakness also allowed Iran to evade previously effective sanctions to orchestrate the horrific Hamas attack on Israel.

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Japan’s Collapse Imminent: Prime Minister Calls On BlackRock To “Invest In Japan”

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida might be opening up the country to ESG policies and further politicization or censorship as he called on BlackRock and others to invest in Japan.

BlackRock gives every company an ESG score, or an Environmental, Social, and Governance score.

For those not familiar, ESG acts like a “social credit score” for companies, and many western companies (especially in the entertainment industry) are kowtowing to it.

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US Companies Increasingly Eliminate College Degrees As A Requirement Amid ‘Out-Of-Control’ School Costs

American businesses are increasingly eliminating college degrees as part of their requirements for corporate roles, which is part of a wider trend in the U.S. job market that is de-emphasizing the value of a four-year diploma, according to experts.

Michael Gibson, venture capitalist and author of the book, Paper Belt on Fire, is a proponent of alternatives to the higher education system in the United States and described the trend as promising, especially given the $1.6 trillion in U.S. student debt.

“I think that has hobbled the passions and dreams of a lot of people,” he said. “I think that’s why we see this political struggle to cancel the debt. But, the most aggravating part is that everyone’s paying attention to the poor students who are billed, but no one is blaming the universities themselves for teaching worthless things or not providing the sort of career advice that they should.”

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The Profitable Destruction Of Americans’ Health

The destruction caused by decay is just as catastrophic as the destruction wrought by calamity. The difference is we don’t notice the decay until it’s too late. When a wood-frame house is knocked down by a hurricane, earthquake or bulldozer, we are stunned and mortified by the destruction. But when termites or dry-rot eat away the framing for years until the house collapses, no single event triggers a response: we set aside evidence of the eventual negative consequences and reckon we can deal with it later.

The collapse of Americans’ health has proceeded in much the same fashion. According to Diabetes in 1964: A World Survey, the global rate of diagnosed diabetes in 1964 was estimated to be around 1% to 2%. In the US, 1% of the populace was diagnosed with diabetes (11 diagnosed cases per 1,000 people), and an estimated 8 cases per 1,000 were as yet undiagnosed.

Left unsaid in all the statistics and handwringing is the obvious truth: all this unhealthy junk food is immensely profitable. No competing power conquered us and forced us to destroy our health with addictive junk food and addictive tech platforms. The Martians didn’t land and enslave us. We bought the decay and reveled in it, and now look for solutions anywhere but the source of the decay: the elevation of corporate profits as the only metric of the nation’s “health” that matters.

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Watch: Gen-Zers Melt Down Over 9-5 Jobs Amid Criticism About ‘Bidenomics’

Some Gen-Zers are having an emotional meltdown on social media about the world of work and struggles of surviving in the era of ‘Bidenomics.’ America’s youth appears to be done with President Biden, who could be their ‘great-great-grandfather,’ as a recent New York Times-Siena poll conducted over the summer showed the president’s approval rating with the youth is in the dumps. 

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