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Naomi Wolf Eloquently Deconstructs the Terms Dis, Mis, and Malinformation

The first principle in battling against the Alinsky crew is to not to accept their terminology.  Controlling language is a specific tactic of the professional political left.  We used to call it labeling, but modern leftists moved beyond labels into the creation of new definitions.  Modern leftists now use two different strategies depending on their target: (1) create new words, the traditional labeling; and (2) redefine existing words.

In this interview Naomi Wolf is one of the few people I have seen who correctly starts her discussion by dispatching the linguistics and framing her own baseline argument.  All politicians and candidates for office should watch how Wolf responds to the first question from Tucker Carlson, and then makes the better argument.

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How To Negotiate Like A Billionaire

This YouTube video by Charisma On Command gives tips for negotiating strategies. It follows the example of the character Bobby Axelrod from the TV show “Billions.” Axelrod is a morally questionable anti-hero and not the best role model, but some of his strategies can be put to good use in the right hands.

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Mississippi Governor Signs Bill Banning Critical Race Theory In Public Schools

Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves signed a bill into law on Monday making the state the latest to ban critical race theory in public schools .

“I know you’ll agree with me when I say that there is no room for this type of indoctrination in our state,” he continued. “[The bill] states that no student will be forced to affirm that ‘any sex, race, ethnicity, religion or national origin is inherently superior or inferior.'”

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Those Who Chose Shaming Over Science

Original Article By Gabrielle Bauer At Brownstone.org

For the first many decades of my life I don’t recall anyone calling me a selfish idiot, much less a sociopath or a mouth-breathing Trumptard. All that changed when Covid rolled in and I expressed, ever so gingerly, a few concerns about the lockdown policies.

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University Puts TRIGGER WARNING On Orwell’s 1984

George Orwell’s iconic novel 1984, written in 1949 about the horrors of censorship and the threat of authoritarianism, is being censored by a university. The University of Northampton in Orwell’s own England has issued a trigger warning on the book, with staff claiming that the book contains “explicit material” and that some student may find the work to be “offensive and unsettling.”

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