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TikToker Recommends A Cold Approach For Dating: “Low Risk, Extremely High Reward”

With endless dating apps at your fingertips, modern dating sounds like it should be a breeze. After all, there have to be some prospective matches out there somewhere.

However, not everyone is convinced that dating apps are the way to go when it comes to looking for a life partner.

One TikToker, who goes by ‘TheJaunt’ online, claims a “cold approach” is a much more rewarding way of meeting someone.

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Rules Of Engagement For The War Of Words

Original Article By D. Parker At AmericanThinker.com:

If there’s one thing every nation’s socialist left has been good at, it’s propaganda and wordplay. Joseph Goebbels, Saul Alinsky, and others were masters at the art of lying with language. (Imagining with amusement, leftists out there losing their collective minds over the fact that we just dared to compare their hero to Saul Alinsky or the other way around, but I digress.)

There are far more people on the side of freedom than the feudalistic slavery of the left; we just have to use the basic building blocks of communication to beat them at their own game. This starts with how we interact with them, and following a general set of rules in the war of words.

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The Real, Deliberate Plot To Enslave You

More and more, the illusion of our free market economy is dissolving. The United States government, and those of several states, have been usurped by a criminal enterprise bent on taking away our property rights and honest methods of earning a living. Courts protect criminals and foreign invaders, and the supposed financial sector is entrapping people with endless debt.

Below are several news excerpts explaining the situation, but I refuse to give in to despair. The good news is the public is becoming aware of the evil plot. Once we fully understand the ways of the enemy, we’ll be able to eliminate them lawfully. There are safe havens for our wealth like precious metals and cryptocurrency. Private American citizens own at least 40% of the world’s guns. And young adults are breaking “generational curses” by studying psychology and dismantling the old methods of abuse. I discuss it all in my related video/podcast.

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Liberal TikToker Goes Viral After Complaining That The Only Masculine And Chivalrous Men She Can Find Are Conservative

A liberal TikToker is going viral after complaining the only masculine and chivalrous men she can find are conservative. 

Posted this past week, the clip comes from TikTok user @ms_petch – a Los Angeles-based singleton who regularly posts about her hapless dating life.

In the video, she questioned why she cannot find a left-leaning man who’s ‘willing to play the more traditional masculine role in the relationship’ – something which has triggered a huge response in the comments.

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This 23-Year Old Snapchat Star Can Be Your AI Girlfriend—For A Price

Snapchat influencer Caryn Marjorie is harnessing the power of the AI revolution to fulfill the dreams of millions of her followers: becoming their girlfriend. She’s making some serious cash too.

Marjorie, using OpenAI’s GPT technology, has created CarynAI, an AI avatar that offers virtual companionship for a dollar per minute. It’s not a totally unfamiliar venture in the world of AI, but it’s yet another example of how the lines that separate the real from the unreal in AI are getting a little more blurry.

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New Study Shows Antidepressant Use Likely To INCREASE Risk Of Suicide

A new study conducted by Dr. John Read and his colleagues at the University of East London has found that antidepressants may actually raise the risk of suicide.

The study, set to be published in the Ethical Human Psychology and Psychiatry journal, examined data from 7,829 Coroners’ Inquests in England and Wales over the past two decades that mentioned antidepressants. It revealed that just under half were determined to be suicides. 

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Get Woke, Go Broke: Marketing Experts Reveal Bud Light Is Losing Customers After Partnering With “Transgender” Dylan Mulvaney – Say Kid Rock Represented Customer Fury By Shooting Bud Light Cans

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that Bud Light partnered with Dylan Mulvaney, a biological male pretending to be a female, to celebrate “365 days of girlhood.”

Social media backlash was swift, with conservatives starting a #BoycottBudweiser hashtag which trended on Twitter.

“Cutting your core audience in the hope you can draw a completely new audience in, who haven’t been exposed before, doesn’t make sense.”

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Nashville School Massacre Shines Spotlight On Mental Health Problems, Hormone Treatments And Growing Militancy In The Trans Community

The trans shooter who killed six people at a Nashville school has sent shockwaves through the transgender community, raising tough questions about militancy and mental health problems among the marginalized group.

The shooting has raised questions about the drugs used in sex-reassignment treatment and mental health conditions that are widespread in the trans community, and drawn parallels to other attacks by young female-to-male transitioners.

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Two-Thirds Of Younger Women In Ontario Are Living With A Mental Health Condition, Survey Suggests

Two-thirds of younger women in Ontario are living with a mental health condition, a new survey commissioned by the Ontario Association of Social Workers has found.

The survey of 1,265 adults found that 44 per cent of respondents either have a diagnosed mental health condition or believe that they are living with an undiagnosed mental health condition.

But among younger women ages 18 to 35, the percentage of respondents who said that they were dealing with mental health challenges was much higher.

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The College Dating Divide

Few life decisions are more consequential than who we decide to partner up with. Yet in a previous era, Americans made these critical decisions very early in their lives. Today, Americans are waiting longer to pull the trigger on marriage and increasingly foregoing marriage altogether. This is due in large part to the fact that women are less economically dependent on men. Women also face far less societal or familial pressure to get married than they once did. These changes have transformed the dating landscape but may also have created a rift between women with a college education and those without in their partner preferences, priorities, and expectations.

Unfortunately, rising selectivity in dating and partner selection comes at a time when more men are falling behind. In his book, Of Boys and Men, Brookings scholar Richard Reeves argues that young women demonstrate a far greater “appetite for success” whether in academics or in their career aspirations. The result is more Americans, both men and women, going it alone. 

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