Original Article By Alex Hammer At DailyMail.co.uk:

A liberal TikToker is going viral after complaining the only masculine and chivalrous men she can find are conservative. 

Posted this past week, the clip comes from TikTok user @ms_petch – a Los Angeles-based singleton who regularly posts about her hapless dating life.

A self-professed ‘liberal’, her posts often prove polarizing, and regularly show a pining for progressive men.

Her most recent exploit – posted to 35,200 followers this past Thursday – was little different, but did serve as a slight deviation from the rest of her online oeuvre.

In the video, she questioned why she cannot find a left-leaning man who’s ‘willing to play the more traditional masculine role in the relationship’ – something which has triggered a huge response in the comments.

‘As a liberal woman, it is really hard to find a man who’s willing to play the more traditional masculine role in the relationship in today’s day and age who is not a conservative,’ the TikToker explains of what she perceives to be the optimal man.

‘Obviously, as a liberal woman,’ she continues, touting her left-leaning status a second time, ‘I do want to be respected for my independence, and I do want to have my own autonomy in the relationship and not be conformed to the traditional female homemaker, childbearing role.’

She then adds – in what she labeled ‘one of [her] saddest realizations’ – ‘And most of the men that I dated who do have that more natural provider masculinity about them, are, normally, conservative.’

The content creator goes on to attribute certain characteristics to what she views as a perfect man – pondering how to parlay it with the aforementioned political prerequisite while not forfeiting her, as she put it, ‘morals and values.’

‘A man who wants to pay on the first date, who wants to open your door, who has that want and desire to take care of you and to provide.’

She then specifies, for a second time: ‘Who is not a conservative.’

Wondering why she cannot find a more masculine, traditional man without compromising, she continues to complain about her unsuccessful dating life.

As she spoke, text appeared at the top of the video asking followers if she is asking for too much with her requests – while she expressed a desire be ‘equal’ with a prospective partner who still provides for her. 

‘Am I asking too much here?!?!’ the chyron read. ‘To somewhat be equal yet have a man provide and take care of me to some extent?”

Another complaining caption aired a critique of some of the lackluster, liberal men she has been presumably running into: ‘All these men out here wanting to split the bill. ON THE FIRST DATE!!!! Whaaaaaaat.’

She goes on to lament again about how her search for a strong-willed, leftist man has so far come up short – before asking if she is being unreasonable.

‘I don’t really know what to do, because I don’t wanna compromise my morals and values just to find a man.’ 

‘Am I asking to have my cake and eat it too?’

The clip then cuts out, but has since been viewed more than a quarter-million times.

Commenters were somewhat divided in the content creator’s assessment, with many calling the woman out for what they claimed to be a ‘double standard.’

Some, however, stood in solidarity with the TikToker’s analysis, with many pointing out that being a conservative does not make them a bad partner.

‘If he’s working, paying the bills, bring home the food. Then I’ll clean the home, cook the doot ect [sic]’, someone wrote. ‘I look at it like it’s balance.’

Another user asserted: ‘His morals and values are HIS. They don’t have to be the same. Being a conservative doesn’t mean he’s a bad person.’

To that, @ms_etch replied in a comment: ‘I don’t think conservatives are bad ppl [sic] at all. I just don’t agree w [sic] their values.

‘I think it’d be very challenging to marry somebody who has.’

Someone else chimed in: ‘The beauty about conservatives is, you do not have to compromise your morals. 

He advised: ‘You’ll never know if [you’ve] found love if you don’t take the chance.’ 

In subsequent videos posted in response to backlash she is now facing, the TikToker took the time to address her critics.

In one, she doubled down on her stance that she merely wants a man who has some ‘traditional values while also being very progressive in social issues,’ while in another, she citied how she recently gone on a date with someone sporting characteristics from both political ideologies.

She said she ‘so much more to offer’ aside from being confined ‘to the home’ as a traditional wife, but still expressed a desire for a traditional man.

A commenter remarked: ‘No, she can’t have her cake and eat it too. Masculine men want feminine women. Her views don’t align.’