Rise and grind! It’s the first of the month! I review articles from October 2023 and chronicle the ongoing collapse of Corporate Media. They’re striking back ruthlessly by way of Big Tech and government collusion, but Independent Media is winning the chess game. The battle between Freedom of Speech and Fake News hinges on economics and trust.

The Gateway Pundit- WHO Leader Tedros Says “Disinformation” Eroded Trust Between People and WHO – Forgets to Mention He Was the Main Player Behind the Disinformation:

“World Health Organization chief Tedros Adhanom recently called for world governments to “follow through with national ratification” of the WHO pandemic treaty after “disinformation” eroded “trust between people, governments and institutions.”

“Tedros made the comments at the the tenth Nikkei FT Communicable Diseases Conference in Tokyo.”

“The reason people have lost trust in the WHO is because Dr. Tedros lies and covers for Communist China.

“The Gateway Pundit recorded several outrageous and dangerous lies spread by Dr. Tedros during the pandemic. How dare he accuse ANYONE else of “misinformation” when he is the king of misinformation!”

ReclaimTheNet.org- The Australian Government Says It Will Be Exempt From Its Own Online “Misinformation” Laws:

“The Albanese administration’s pursuit of overreaching legislation intended to tackle “false” content on social media platforms is drawing sharp criticism and questions about its implications for free speech. A notable exclusion from this potential crackdown is the very government pushing for it.

“This exemption, which would allow government messages to bypass these stringent regulations, was questioned by Independent Senator David Pocock. He rightly posited why governmental communications should remain unexamined when content from other entities would be under scrutiny. To many, the exemption smells suspiciously like a double standard, allowing the government to avoid the very accountability they seek to impose on others. “It would not ‘pass the pub test’ for the exemption to stand when the laws were eventually introduced,” Senator Pocock remarked.”

ZeroHedge- Trust In Mass Media Craters To Record Low As Americans ‘Wake-Up’ From Matrix:

“Americans’ confidence that mass media – such as newspapers, TV, and radio – will report the news fairly and balanced plummeted to historic lows not seen since 2016, according to the latest annual Gallup survey of trust in US institutions.”

Gallup survey from Sept. 1-23 reveals: 

  • 29% of US adults have “not very much” trust in the media.
  • A record-high 39% of US adults have “none at all” trust in the media.
  • The current 39% with no trust is the highest on record, surpassing the previous by one percentage point. This percentage is 12 points higher than the 2016 reading.
  • In 2016, sharp criticism of the media came from then-presidential candidate Donald Trump.
  • The current view of the media is the grimmest in Gallup’s history.
  • In 2016, the most common sentiment among US adults was “not very much” trust at 41%.

“Souring distaste for mass media reflects that Americans are learning their news flow has been manipulated by the censorship-industrial complex, which is run by political and technological elites. 

“The Twitter Files, state attorneys general lawsuits, and investigative reporters have revealed the expanding network of government agencies, academic institutions, and nongovernmental organizations that actively censor citizens for talking about non-approved government narratives, such as Covid, vaccines and Hunter Biden’s business deals. These elites use corporate media to twist the truth and keep the masses locked in the ‘matrix.'”

“However, the days of censorship in mass media are limited. The emergence of the parallel economy is fostering new capital that is seeding new media ventures, such as the Tucker Carlson on X. The success already on X has CNN and even Fox News envying Carlon’s views in the hundreds of millions.”

ReclaimTheNet.org- YouTube to Tip The Scales Towards Boosting “Credible” News Sources in Shorts:

“YouTube is intensifying its efforts to boost news content from what it thinks are “credible sources” amid an era when people are demonstrating an aversion to traditional mass media outlets.

“Currently, the video sharing giant is launching a revamped user interface designed to enhance the viewing experience by introducing additional news-oriented content suggestions when users are engaged in watching news videos. Google, the parent company of YouTube, plans to channel $1.6 million into increasing the volume of news-oriented content on its shortform video feature, Shorts.”

“The essence of digital platforms like YouTube lies in their ability to offer a level playing field for all creators, regardless of their size or affiliation. However, with this new venture, YouTube risks alienating a significant portion of its content creator community as it moves to give more real estate to its legacy competitors.

“It may also inadvertently stifle the diversity of perspectives essential for a well-rounded public discourse, which, many years ago, was seen as one of the digital space’s most profound advantages over traditional media outlets.”

ReclaimTheNet.org- YouTube Temporarily Suspends The LAPD:

“YouTube, the video-sharing titan, has decided to suspend the Los Angeles Police Department’s channel. The suspension was triggered by the LAPD’s decision to share footage of an assault, aimed at garnering the community’s assistance in identifying the involved suspects.

“The LAPD stated, “We have appealed the suspension and have been denied,” a sentiment shared in their post to X.”

“What was intended to be a genuine plea for public assistance has now evolved into a much larger discussion about digital platforms and their powers to disrupt police and community appeals.”

CoinTelegraph- Hester Peirce speaks out against LBRY enforcement action: ‘The market could have decided’:

“Hester Peirce of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has issued a dissenting opinion on the regulator’s lawsuit against blockchain firm LBRY.

“In an Oct. 27 statement, Peirce described feeling “unsettled” following the SEC’s enforcement action against LBRY in March 2021. In November 2022, a judge ruled in favor of the SEC, stating that the firm’s LBC token was a security. Though LBRY appealed the decision, the company announced in October that it planned to wind down, citing millions of dollars in debt due to legal costs.

““This case illustrates the arbitrariness and real-life consequences of the Commission’s misguided enforcement-driven approach to crypto,” said Peirce.”

“According to Peirce, the SEC’s case against LBRY was “puzzling” given there was no evidence of fraud and the firm took a conservative approach to digital assets compared to other crypto projects. The SEC commissioner suggested that there had been no clear path for a project like LBRY to come in and register with the regulator, and “it would not be a particularly useful effort” if it had managed to do so.”

““The Commission’s action forced a group of entrepreneurs to abandon what they built,” said Peirce. “Our disproportionate reaction in this case will dissuade people from experimenting with blockchain technology.””

ReclaimTheNet.org- The DOJ is Sued For Records on FBI Payments to Twitter:

“Judicial Watch, an organization committed to government transparency, has initiated a legal battle with the Department of Justice. The new complaint centers around inquiries for details regarding payments allegedly made by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to Twitter, now operating under the name “X.” This move comes in response to an investigation called The Twitter Files made public courtesy of billionaire Elon Musk.

We obtained a copy of the complaint for you here.

“The crux of the controversy lies in an account by independent journalist Michael Shellenberger. His report, dated December 19, 2022, divulges what seems to be a receipt marked with a rather hefty figure: approximately $3.5 million.“”

“This funding was sourced from taxpayers’ money and handed over to Twitter as compensation for the time expended handling software and data requests from the FBI during the period of October 2019 through February 2021.”

ReclaimTheNet.org- X Won’t Demonetize Russell Brand, The Company Tells Pro-Censorship British MPs:

“Demonstrating its commitment to upholding principles of free expression, Twitter recently affirmed that it would continue to financially support comedian Russell Brand, refusing to be swayed by mere accusations leveled against him. Elon Musk has promoted the position of not penalizing account holders unless they deviate from the platform’s guidelines or violate local laws.

“Detailing its stance in a letter addressed to Dame Caroline Dinenage, who chairs the Commons Culture, Media, and Sport committee, and who was widely criticized for asking platforms whether they would allow Brand to earn a living from online platforms, the company explained that its resolution to allow Brand’s financial pursuits on the platform aligns with its intent to protect free expression.”

ZeroHedge- Tucker Carlson’s Media Company Secures $15 Million Seed Round From ‘Anti-Woke’ Firm 1789 Capital:

“A $150 million fund with aims to capitalize on the parallel economy of conservative-friendly companies has seeded Tucker Carlson and Neil Patel’s new media company with $15 million, The Wall Street Journal reports. 

“Since leaving Fox News in April, Carlson’s widely popular show on X has attracted hundreds of millions of views, underscoring his point that legacy corporate media is dying. In August, we cited a CNBC report that said GOP megadonors considered investing in Carlson’s show.

“WSJ now reveals that Omeed Malik, who launched 1789 Capital earlier this year, invested $15 million in Tucker Carlson and Neil Patel’s new media venture that is registered in Nevada under the holding company name Last Country, Inc. on Monday. The investment is structured as “SAFE,” short for Simple Agreement for Future Equity, a standard type of investment structure developed by Silicon Valley startup accelerator Y Combinator.”

“Before this new venture, Malik invested in Carlson and Patel’s digital media company, the Daily Caller. This latest investment is part of 1789’s thesis of “EIG” investing (entrepreneurship, innovation, and growth), which counters “ESG” (environment, social, and governance—ethical investing standards) that has backfired in the last year.”

“As a measure of success, Carlson’s interview with Trump, who skipped the GOP debate in late August, garnered an impressive 266.5 million views. Traditional media outlets like CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News would certainly envy such figures.”

Daily Caller- CNN Shutters Atlanta Headquarters After More Than 35 Years:

“CNN is set to shutter its original headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, following its final broadcast Friday.

“CNN host Kate Bolduan announced at the beginning of Friday’s episode of News Central CNN that the program was the last presented by control rooms at the CNN Center in Atlanta. The operation is prepared to move to the renovated 30-acre Turner Techwood campus in Midtown after more than 35 years of broadcasting, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.”

“AT&T, CNN’s former parent company, sought to save money by selling the CNN Center to Florida-based real estate firms CP Group and Rialto Capital Management, according to the outlet. Warner Bros. Discovery, CNN’s new parent company, prepared the Midtown Techwood property for Atlanta staff.”