In this video we return to the YouTuber Biaheza and his series about making money from scratch. In the last part, he joined a bootstrap moving business, and we see him come back to it here. But first, he sets out to do his biggest product flip yet, buying and selling a car.

Biaheza finds a 1982 Mercedes Benz in good condition, but buying it brings his total back down to $43. To get the replacement parts, he joins another moving gig. Later, he talks to a couple car enthusiasts and gets an estimate for how much he can sell the Mercedes.

What’s remarkable about this series is Biaheza’s use of Craigslist and his network of fellow entrepreneurs. Craigslist might be grossly underrated as a marketplace for products and jobs. More importantly, everyone in the world has a certain area where they’re an expert. Success comes from leveraging that expertise and calling on others when you’re stuck.