Polkadot is one of the most significant blockchain projects working today, and its native token, DOT, is a truly viable cryptocurrency. Alongside Bitcoin, Ether, and Cardano ADA, Polkadot and DOT are one of the main digital assets worth supporting. The following YouTube video by Exodus gives a simple explanation of Polkadot and what it’s meant for.

Polkadot was founded by one of the co-creators of Ethereum. It’s envisioned as a network for all other blockchain platforms to communicate in. Decentralized trading platforms like Uniswap run on Ethereum and are an impartial alternative to stock trading platforms like Robinhood. However, apps running on Ethereum currently cost high fees in cryptocurrency to make simple trades. Cardano is a competitor hoping to solve that problem, as explained in this previous post. Polkadot aims to take it further.