In this video by Stephanie Lyn Coaching, Stephanie Lyn explains why it doesn’t work to directly tell other people about a narcissist. Instead, you must create conditions in which the narcissist exposes themself. Narcissists create a public image of themselves as better than they are, and appeal to other people’s emotions. If you’re in an abusive relationship with a narcissist and want validation, you’ll need to separate yourself from that circle.

Halfway into the video, Stephanie reveals that the first step in revealing the narcissist is setting boundaries and enforcing them. This is important for your own well being. You must come to understand your emotional triggers. Then you must learn how to respond rationally to an abuser rather than react emotionally. Narcissists thrive on drama and conflict, so when you cut them off from your emotions, they get desperate. It takes work and struggle, but when you separate yourself from the narcissist, they will act out publicly for other people to see.

Political and government corruption is narcissistic abuse writ large. After the January 6 fiasco in the U.S. Capitol, President Trump appeared to surrender to the Far Left and duplicitous Republicans. He calmly said there would be a peaceful transition, and chose not to attend this week’s inauguration. Since then, Big Tech companies blatantly de-platformed him; Joe Biden (or his handlers) enacted globally infuriating executive orders; and the mainstream media has lower credibility than it’s ever had, which is saying something. The crooks in our government and corporations can’t hide anymore.

In order to root out the corruption further, U.S. citizens will need to untangle themselves from the rotten institutions. We’ve become dependent on Big Tech platforms, and central banks for our mortgages and business investments. This is why I promote blockchain technology now. Decentralized social media should be a safer platform for free speech, and Bitcoin serves as digital gold to preserve people’s wealth.