In the following half hour video by ClownfishTV, the hosts Kneon and Geeky Sparkles report a public opinion poll about Disney firing Gina Carano, as well Disney’s shareholder meeting this week, in which sharp questions were directed at the CEO. They also discuss Disney’s political motivations and consumers’ rejection of Disney+ and changes at Disney theme parks.

Gina Carano’s public firing from “The Mandalorian” appears to be a wakeup call to cancel culture. In the 3 weeks since, more famous individuals and IPs, who are beloved by millions, have been cancelled. Mister Potato Head, Dr. Seuss, and Pepe Le Pew, have rallied the public into ridiculing political correctness. The internet memes are abundant. Hollywood and Corporate America will surrender to the Far Left’s emotional blackmail, but customers won’t anymore.

The video mentions Disney’s previous chief executive, Bob Iger, and his political aspirations. He is known to want to run for office as a Democrat. This may explain the company’s positioning in recent years, catering to vocal leftists on Twitter. Disney’s new boss Bob Chapek has the task of winning back conservatives and moderates, but that’s a tall order. In the Internet Age, it’s easier to see through a corporation’s public image, and Disney is as cutthroat as any. The awakening of normal American citizens is only speeding up.