This YouTube video by TheQuartering reports on the layoffs at the Huffington Post since Buzzfeed bought it. This is the latest episode in the Mainstream Media’s steady decline. Now that Donald Trump is out of the White House, left wing media companies don’t have the same wind in their sails.

For several years, these companies were propped up by investor capital, or were loss leaders for their parent companies. But they serve an ever dwindling, and increasingly toxic audience. Corporate media lost most of its credibility in Trump’s first term. Robert Mueller’s Russian collusion investigation revealed the media as liars. Online news companies first grew on social media by serving outrage fuel, but audiences are now exhausted from that. They want content that’s actually useful.

It’s also worth noting that independent content creators on YouTube, podcasts, and blogs, can reach equally sized audiences as the large media companies, but with a tiny percentage of the overhead. Corporate Media and their shills attack independent content as non-authoritative, but the independents demonstrate a great amount of evidence and logic in their reports. They have to. On my on blog, I aim to curate content from a variety of independent thinkers, along with my own commentary.