was created to make the world of cryptocurrency safe and accessible for everyone. This YouTube video by Brian Jung lists the app’s features. It’s easy to buy cryptocurrency with it, send and receive it, trade, and cash out. The app even offers a debit card, so you can use your asset portfolio like a bank. is intended to encourage mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency.

Tools: The top left and right menus of the app give you helpful tools. There is online payment, which is like Venmo for cryptocurrency. There are gift cards that let you earn cash back, and Mobile Uptime to help pay for no contract phones.

Trading: Buy currencies with a credit or debit card. Jung also explains how to transfer money from other accounts or crypto wallets. Then he goes over withdrawing currency into your other wallets or bank account. You can set trade alerts when a currency meets a certain price, and you’ll know when to buy or sell. It also has a handy pie chart to display your cryptocurrency portfolio. Debit Card: You can qualify for a debit card by staking currencies for 6 months or more (learn about staking in this post, “What Is Staking? Passive Income With Cryptocurrency”). Different tiers of cards are available for different currency amounts or time periods. Once you have a card, you can use the app to convert any of your cryptocurrency to fiat money, and spend it when you’re out and about. This way, acts like an online bank.

Earn Crypto: Finally, Jung goes over ways to earn cryptocurrency with the app. You can stake it, as mentioned before, for set periods. You can’t use that currency during the staking period, but the amount will grow. also has a referral program in which you’re paid fiat whenever someone sign up to the app through your personal link.