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The picture in Eastern Ukraine is becoming clearer as the residents begin being able to talk openly about the key battleground in Mariupol.

Keep in mind, the western narrative about the battles in Eastern Ukraine are all framed around calling the Ukrainian military, spearheaded by the Azov battalions and the ultranationalists, as the good guys.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  According to increasingly obvious reports, coming from ordinary citizens in/around Mariupol, the Ukrainian army has been using them as human shields and keeping them from evacuating.

There is a lot of war fog surrounding the conflict, however, it is the absence of any pro-Ukraine army sentiment from the local residents that supports the evidence the Ukraine military (Azov Nazi battalion, supported by U.S. and NATO alliance) are actually the bad guys in this region.  The eastern region conflict has been ongoing for years, with Russia supporting the residents and the Ukraine military attacking them.

The Russian army has been fighting the Ukraine military in/around Mariupol while the Azov battalions have kept the citizens captive.  However, the Russians are now surrounding the Ukraine military and slowly clearing each of the surrounding villages allowing the formerly captive people to leave or seek safety.

At least in this part of the conflict, the U.S. and NATO alliance is supporting the brutality against Eastern Ukrainian citizens by supporting the Nazi factions of the Ukraine military.   There is a genocide happening in this region, but it is the Ukraine military, the far-right ultranationalists in the Azov battalions and others doing the killing, not the Russians.

If the residents in Eastern Ukraine do not align with the ultranationalist factions of the Ukraine military and fight the Russians, they are subjected to gross human rights abuses, beatings and threats against their families.  Western nations are supporting this activity and deploying extreme propaganda messaging to cover it up.

There are no pro-Ukraine military stories from the residents in this region of the conflict.  All of the residents in the Eastern Ukraine region, including the city of Mariupol, are saying the Russian military are the liberators of the region.  A Telegram Channel is documenting the evidence – SEE HERE.

Against the reality of that situation in Mariupol, President Zelenskyy, NATO and the western media are promoting a narrative that runs completely counter to what little truth is able to escape from the area.

Within the western propaganda, the Russians are reported to have “taken captives,” with a propaganda spin of Russia setting up concentration camps for the citizens in/around Mariupol.

(MSM) […] Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said the siege of Mariupol would go down in history for what he described as war crimes committed by Russian troops and raised the specter of a “third world war” if negotiations with Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin fail.

“To do this to a peaceful city, what the occupiers did, is a terror that will be remembered for centuries to come,” Zelenskyy said in a video address to his nation Sunday.

 Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said Russia is killing citizens in Ukraine because its invasion has stalled, describing the tactic as “disgusting.”

“We’ve seen deliberate targeting of cities and towns and civilians throughout the last several weeks,” Austin said on CBS’ “Face The Nation.” (read more)

The propaganda out of the Mariupol battlespace is extreme.

As the Ukrainian military (Azov etc) take up positions in schools and public buildings, any Russian attack against those troops is then called an attack against civilians.  There is zero evidence of that taking place; exactly the opposite is true.  The Ukraine forces in this region are using the citizens as shields and cannon fodder against the Russian forces.

Despite the propaganda, truth is coming out in the form of evidence from the ordinary citizens in the area (SOURCE):

Again, when you are trying to find the truth, the voices on the ground are the most likely source of actual information.  In the example of the area in/around Mariupol, the people who live there are pointing out that the Ukraine military, paramilitary enforcers, and ultranationalists are the terrorists.  The Russians are viewed as the liberators.

Despite how the media is portraying this, there is ZERO evidence from the citizens in/around the area to support the western narrative.  That tells us the locals are up against the totality of western propaganda.

For emphasis…. IN THIS REGION:

♦The anti-Russia stories are all from corporate media, none from citizens.  The anti-Ukraine army stories are all from citizens, none from corporate media.

♦The pro-Ukraine army stories are all from western media, none from citizens.  The pro-Russian army stories are all from citizens, none from western media.  You decide.

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