In this YouTube video, Dr. Steve Turley discusses Ghislane Maxwell’s guilty verdict and what it means for the political and globalist elite. Maxwell faces over 60 years in prison, which is a life sentence at her age. She has tremendous incentives to name co-conspirators and clients in Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking ring.

Prince Andrew of the British Royal Family has called an emergency meeting of his lawyers. Bill Clinton’s connection to Epstein and Maxwell is well known. The New York Post suggests Maxwell WILL cooperate with prosecutors and finger other elites in the network.

Now there is debate whether the judge in the case sealed the court records to protect those elites. Mainstream media “fact checkers” say that’s a far right conspiracy theory, although the checkers’ credibility has been nullified in the past month. In my opinion, it’s remarkable that Maxwell has survived this long. I speculate true and ethical law enforcement officers are in control behind the scenes. The powerful elites will make it seem the case is closed, but I have faith that secrets will be made public. So many other scandals have been exposed this year, there’s no reason they should stop.

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