Original Article By “Sundance” At TheConservativeTreehouse.com

The dynamic between the Joe Biden administration and the government of Ukraine is very interesting and thoroughly corrupt. President Volodymyr Zelensky is trying to avoid being the 2022 version of Libyan President Muammar Gadaffi, circa 2011.

Meanwhile, the entirety of the corrupt and manipulative Joe Biden administration, the U.S. State Department, the CIA, the Pentagon and the U.S. Congress are all saying, “Nice country you got there, it’d be a shame if something happened to it“, while simultaneously poking the Russian bear to attack.  Biden and the deepest state want them their proxy war, and they will not be denied.

Following a phone call last night where Zelensky told Biden to stop telling everyone the Russians were going to attack, a conversation the Biden administration desperately is trying to hide from the American people, Zelensky smartly calls a media press conference so the global media can see him telling Biden, in essence, to ‘chill the hell out’.

Full credit to Euronews who is being an honest broker about the dynamics at play.  This is a great encapsulation, but pay attention to the part at 02:15, of this broadcast. It is quite remarkable.

Given the nature of how corrupt the U.S. administration is on a globalist scale; and considering that Biden Inc, which is really the Hillary Clinton foreign policy establishment, would give Zelensky the full Gaddafi treatment if it helped them gain wealth, power and influence; it really would be in Ukraine’s best interest for Zelensky to open a dialogue with Vladimir Putin.

Right now, on a geopolitical scale, Volodymyr Zelensky is more akin to Kim Jong-un in North Korea trying NOT TO be forced into a relationship with China.  Ukraine is faced with the United States controlling them or embracing a closer relationship with Russia who would want to control them.  It’s a hot mess of geopolitical manipulation on a mafioso scale.

If Zelensky does not allow himself to be a proxy for the United States in Europe, the people who control U.S. policy will create a war with Russia to get rid of him.  Biden is really a stammering stupid doofus and tool of the deep state, who isn’t strong enough to battle his own corrupt policy team; and Biden Inc, which includes his entire family, is paid by the DC manipulators to shut-up and just read.

Zelensky has to pretend like Biden represents the U.S. interests, while knowing Biden doesn’t have any control over U.S. policy.

The war mongering crew deep in the U.S. government are in control.  The Fourth Branch of the U.S. government and the national security apparatus are in full operational control over the dynamic.  Zelensky is stuck between Russia and the U.S. Deep State.  Quite frankly, he’d be better off embracing Vladimir Putin and coming to terms.

However, the problem is Zelensky doesn’t want to end up being Ukraine to Russia like North Korea is to China.

If Zelensky tells Biden to go spit, I mean really calls this baby ugly as it needs to be called, then the U.S. system (writ large) will withdraw any support or assistance for Ukraine, and Russia will absorb his country quickly.   That’s the unfortunate dynamic.

Zelensky wants to stop being a hostage to the West by joining NATO.  However, Russia will not allow a formal NATO relationship.

It’s a mess.

My advice to President Zelensky would be to ask Hungary or Poland to host discussions between himself and Russian President Vladimir Putin.