This video by Salvador Briggman lists the 5 keys to a successful IndieGogo campaign. Crowdfunding is an exciting way to raise capital for business idea, and IndieGogo is a growing platform for artists and creative types.

  1. Pitch Video: This is like a movie trailer, giving audiences a general idea what your project is about.
  2. Pre-Launch: This is the marketing campaign before the official crowdfunding launch, to make people aware and improve the search ranking of your project when you do launch.
  3. Set A Realistic Goal: If your goal is too high and you don’t reach it right away, it looks bad. Having a sensible goal that is met and surpassed actually encourages visitors to support it more.
  4. Plan The Media Strategy: Build your brand so you can get help from influencers and media.
  5. Build A Team: Identify what you yourself are good at, and get help for what you’re not good at.