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Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak thinks Bitcoin represents “mathematical purity.”

The legendary tech innovator says in a new interview with Yahoo! Finance that the US dollar isn’t fixed because the government can just print more money and continue borrowing.

Bitcoin, by contrast, can’t change its circulation, Wozniak explains.

“Bitcoin isn’t run by some company. It’s just mathematically pure, and I believe nature over humans always.” 

The Apple co-founder thinks the crypto sector has an “awful lot of promise” and the potential to change business practices and other elements of society, even elections.

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However, he doubts governments will let crypto get too powerful.

“I love it when people like [Twitter CEO] Jack Dorsey talk [about] how crypto should be the heart of our business dealings. The trouble is, the government will never allow it to be out of their control. If it got to the point that everything was being done with crypto and it didn’t pass through governments for observation and taxation and all of that, governments would just disallow it. They wouldn’t give up their power. That’s where the heart of a lot of the power comes from – the US dollar.”

Wozniak also says he does find the anonymity of the crypto sector a bit troubling.

“Crypto just has a little bit of anonymity, and I don’t know if that’s right… I think that everything that you do in life you should be able to stand up and say, ‘Well this is me doing this transaction.’ And [with] crypto, it’s hard to trace back to who’s doing what. It’s possible though.”

Wozniak recently co-founded Efforce, a Malta-based blockchain company that aims to be the first decentralized and borderless platform allowing anyone to participate in and fund innovations in green technology through cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The company’s native token is WOZX.