This September 2020 YouTube video by Electric Future lists 5 new battery technologies in development. Batteries and other types of energy storage can solve reliability issues with renewable energy. They can help decentralize businesses and homes by getting people off the existing power grid. And they can enable new forms of transportation.

Fossil fuels are still the most reliable and efficient energy source we have. Personally, I think so-called environmentalists who oppose them have ulterior political motives. Same with nuclear power. Even so, a diverse range of energy sources is a good thing. Renewable energy has its own environmental drawbacks, and mining for the cobalt in today’s batteries is a human rights problem. The technologies listed here should store energy for longer periods, using safer and more abundant resources.

  1. Lithium Air
  2. Nanotechnology
  3. Lithium Sulphur
  4. Solid State
  5. Dual Carbon