In this Bitchute video by TheQuartering, host Jeremy reports on Twitter losing almost $5 billion in stocks after permanently banning President Trump. The riot in the United States Capitol building during Trump’s election rally is profoundly controversial. Twitter, Facebook, and the mainstream media claim Trump incited the riot to intimidate members of Congress. But his supporters maintain that the attackers were Antifa members posing as supporters.

Twitter and Facebook have both permanently banned Trump and hundreds of other conservative and populist profiles. Since December, YouTube has prohibited any videos discussing fraud and suspicious behavior surrounding the 2020 election. This has spurred a mass migration to alternative, up and coming platforms that claim to support free speech. Parler is the breakout hit among them, as it replicates the basic mechanics of Twitter. President Trump urged the rally attendees to bring their smartphones and cameras. They were able to capture videos supporting their claims of Antifa agent provocateurs. The footage they share online is a direct challenge to the mainstream media narrative.

Late last week, the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store both removed Parler. Parler could still be accessed from web browsers, but Amazon then removed the website from its servers. In the video, Jeremy explains that whatever your political stance is, it is a serious danger when 4 or 5 megacorporations can shut down free speech, and squash competitors through monopolistic powers. The video was originally posted on YouTube, but I chose to share the link to TheQuartering’s page on Bitchute. Click the link below to learn more.