In this YouTube video by Surviving Narcissism, Dr. Les Carter discusses what happens when victims of narcissistic abuse stand up for themselves. In these relationships, a narcissist is fixated on making the other person into something they’re not, and has no respect for the other’s individuality. When victims realize their self worth, they start setting up boundaries and hopefully cut themselves off from their abusers. The abusers will obviously lash out with loaded questions, demands, passive aggression, or even threats and slander. The victim is made to feel guilt and shame for not conforming, but it’s really the narcissist who has the character defect.

Listen to the video and see if these behaviors match with someone in your life, or public figures. In these days of political strife, carefully observe which politicians, talking heads, and business leaders exhibit signs of narcissism. The time will come when ordinary people need to detach themselves from the methods of control. There will be uncertainty over what is lawful, but you should base your activity on respecting your own personhood and that of others.