As of Wednesday July 12, Sound Of Freedom is the #2 movie in American theaters. It beat Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny on its opening day, which is a sign of Lucasfilm’s collapse under Disney’s control, as well as the American mainstream’s revolt against the establishment. The tide turned against corporate culture, Hollywood, and the far left, last year when the state of Florida passed common-sense legislation against sex education before 3rd grade. Disney management protested, pressured then CEO Bob Chapek to speak out against it, and thus alerted people everywhere of the corporate/government nexus preying on children.

In this post, we’ll look at various stories on the success of Sound Of Freedom, and how people have been alerted to the evils of child trafficking. Hollywood tried to bury the film for 5 years, and the corporate media smears it as conspiracy theory quackery. The American people are having none of it. In fact, the film has launched at the perfect time.

Breitbart- Most Major Film Critics Boycotting ‘Sound of Freedom’ Despite Massive Box Office Success: No Reviews from New York Times, Los Angeles Times: “The vast majority of major film critics are boycotting Sound of Freedom, with outlets including the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and The Hollywood Reporter declining to run reviews of the recently released anti-child-trafficking drama starring Jim Caviezel.

“Among major news outlets, only Variety, Rolling Stone, and have reviewed the movie since it opened on July 4.”

“Based on the life and career Tim Ballard, Sound of Freedom stars Jim Caviezel as a Homeland Security agent who quits his job in order to bring child traffickers to justice.

“The movie was shelved indefinitely by the Walt Disney Company when it acquired 21st Century Fox. Producers spent the next three years extricating the movie from Disney’s hands and raising money to release it.”

Not The Bee- The media says “Sound of Freedom” is based on QAnon conspiracies, but when the real-life sting depicted in the movie took place, they applauded it. What changed?”: “Rolling Stone, WaPo, Jezebel, and The Guardian have all come out and condemned the movie “Sound of Freedom” as paranoid QAnon propaganda meant to excite and encourage right-wing conspiracists.”

“However, when the real-life operation depicted in the movie took place, the protagonist, former federal agent Tim Ballard, was portrayed as a hero and the widespread horror of sex trafficking was taken as a cold hard fact.

“This was in 2014:”

“Why have journalists all of a sudden started calling sex trafficking a conspiracy and being anti-pedophile as a right-wing position? Why the attacks on this movie? A large part of it is Big Money circling the wagons to destroy something outside the establishment that saw success, but it makes you wonder if there’s more to the equation.” All of a Sudden, Child Trafficking Has Become One of the Hottest Topics in America: “I am so glad that “Sound of Freedom” suddenly has people all over the country talking about the horrors of child trafficking.  Most people tend to think of slavery as a thing of the past, but that is not true at all.  In fact, human rights organizations tell us that more people are enslaved right now than ever before in all of human history.  Approximately 50 million precious people are currently living in a state of slavery, and a significant percentage of those are enslaved for sexual purposes.  There is no place in any civilized society for such a thing, but the experts are telling us that every year it gets even worse, and millions of children are involved.  Approximately 20 percent of all sex trafficking victims are children, and approximately 80 percent of all child victims are girls.

“We are talking about evil that is being committed on an industrial scale, but most normal people don’t even realize what these kids are going through on a daily basis.”

“This is an issue that should definitely unite all of us.

“But somehow there are many on the left that wish to oppose those of us that want to permanently eradicate child trafficking from our society.”

Gatestone Institute- ‘America’s Darkest Secret’: Sex Trafficking, Child Abuse and the Biden Administration:

  • Currently, at least 85,000 children are believed to be missing.
  • “Whether intentional or not, it can be argued that the US Government has become the middleman in a large scale, multi-billion-dollar, child trafficking operation run by bad actors seeking to profit off the lives of children…. Realizing that we were not offering children the American dream, but instead putting them into modern-day slavery with wicked overlords was a terrible revelation…. They threatened me with an investigation. They… took my badge. It is a terrible thing when you blow the whistle to try to save children and you’re retaliated against for trying to help. The HHS [The United States Department of Health and Human Services] did everything they could to keep all of this silent.” — Tara Lee Rodas, testimony before the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration Integrity, Security, and Enforcement, April 26, 2023.
  • “Over the last two years, this country has become an international hub for child trafficking. And the US government is behind it. Under Biden, hundreds of thousands of children have come into this country illegally. Once they get here, most are sold for sex, used for cheap labor, or forced to join gangs.” — Rachel Campos-Duffy, Fox News, April 26, 2023.

The Gateway Pundit- Attorney General Ashley Moody Calls on Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg to Testify, As Report Highlights Platform as Top App Used by Human Traffickers: “Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody has issued a formal call for Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg to testify before the State’s Human Trafficking Council. This follows a revealing report that highlights Meta platforms – Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger – as the most frequently used by human traffickers.

Florida’s Statewide Council on Human Trafficking revealed shocking results in a recent survey of Florida law enforcement agencies. The Florida Legislature had mandated this investigation to assess the prevalence and impact of social media platforms’ role in human trafficking within the state.”

“In a joint investigation conducted by The Wall Street Journal and researchers at Stanford University and the University of Massachusetts Amherst, it was revealed that Instagram, the social media platform owned by Mark Zuckerberg, is serving as a hub to “connect and promote a vast network of accounts openly devoted to the commission and purchase of underage-sex content.””

American Thinker- Is wokester Hollywood starting to shrivel?: “If something is falling apart but still wants to stay afloat, then it’s usually the right time to make some changes.

“Which brings us to Hollywood, where Power Line attorney and writer John Hinderaker has some good observations:”

Like most of corporate America, Hollywood has fallen prey to the “DEI” delusion in recent years. Far from being a good thing, corporate “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” measures generally represent a poisonous brew of racism, leftism and anti-Americanism. The sooner this fad fades from the scene, the better.

In the Telegraph, U.S. Editor Nick Allen sees signs that the entertainment industry is moving back toward sanity:

Hollywood is suffering “diversity fatigue”, insiders have said, after four leading inclusion executives left high-profile roles in the space of 10 days.

The departures came at three major studios and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Commentators in Hollywood suggested it showed “diversity fatigue” and it led to complaints that the entertainment industry was not fully committed to implementing inclusivity policies.

We can only hope.

“Sound of Freedom, an anti-human-trafficking film made by Catholic filmmakers Eduardo Verastegui and Alejandro Monteverde, had a massively successful opening day in which it reached number one at the box office, beating out Disney’s fifth Indiana Jones installment, and raking in $14.24 million.

“Sound of Freedom had an overall production budget of $14.5 million and only played at 2,600 theaters on its July 4 opening day. Meanwhile, Disney’s Indiana Jones had a budget of $295 million, played at many more theaters, and brought in $11.69 million on July 4.

That’s a stunning haulaway, breaking even on costs at the starting line (they will make more later), not only because they blew Disney’s tired sequel out of the water, but because the serious and unhappy topic of human trafficking would ordinarily be considered box office poison by Hollywood. It wasn’t.

“Like the Bud Light drinkers, who replaced Bud Light with higher-quality Modelo Especial on their beer-drinking list, the alienated moviegoers rejected woke Hollywood tripe in favor of serious and quality movie fare with a focus on moral values as a replacement for the products they were leaving behind. Hollywood had been treating them like morons and they got tired of it and moved on to higher quality in their filmgoing.”

“Here’s a third trend that leaps out: President Trump went to an event in Las Vegas over the weekend — and met up with Hollywood A-list celebrities such as Mark Wahlberg and several others. That’s no small fry in the Hollywood pond — Wahlberg is a walking blockbuster and Hollywood knows it. They don’t mess with him, at least, not so far. So it was no mean thing that Wahlberg did what he wanted and instead of issuing wokesterly statements like most of them, went to see what Trump was like and talk to him himself. What does that say? That they don’t fear the Hollywood mafia anymore and have enough power to do what works for them. The moneymakers in Hollywood like him are moving away from ‘woke’ and they don’t care who knows it.”

The Post Millennial- President Trump holds meeting with Mel Gibson and Roger Stone after Sound of Freedom tops box office: “President Donald Trump met with Hollywood legend Mel Gibson backstage during UFC 290 on Saturday night in Las Vegas. This meeting was hot on the heels of the inspiring success of the anti-child trafficking film Sound of Freedom at the box office.

Gibson has been a major promoter of the movie. “One of the most disturbing problems in our world today is human trafficking and particularly the trafficking of children” Gibson said recently in promotion of SOF. In fact, Jack Posobiec said that “Tim Ballard claimed Mel Gibson had some input on the final edit of Sound of Freedom.”

“UFC boss Dana White pledged, just hourse earlier to pay for all of his employees to see the groundbreaking film.”

Bounding Into Comics- Singer-Songwriter Jewel Blasts Media For “Trying To Politicize” Angel Studios’ ‘Sound Of Freedom’ Film: “Singer-songwriter Jewel, known for her song “You Were Meant For Me,” put the media on blast for attempting to politicize the recently released Sound of Freedom films starring Jim Caviezel.”

“Jewel posted to Twitter writing, “It saddens me that some media is trying to politicize this movie. This is not left or right. It’s about millions of kids being trafficked, and no matter what your faith or creed, we need to protect all the vulnerable kids rather than fight over philosophical differences.”

“Along with the text, she also shared a video. In the video she says, “You guys, I just the Sound of Freedom. You have to see it. I’m so verklempt.””

The Gateway Pundit- Video Resurfaces of Tim Ballard Meeting Up With President Trump At White House to Discuss Child Trafficking At Southern Border: “A video of Tim Ballard, the founder of the anti-sex trafficking non-profit Operation Underground Railroad, meeting up with President Trump has gone viral in recent days.

“The video from 2019 has resurfaced just days after Sound of Freedom  hit number one in the box office.”

“While many people in D.C. have dismissed Ballard and his effort to put an end to child trafficking, Trump listened intently to what the O.U.R. founder had to share.”

It’s my own opinion that the Corporate Media’s smearing of Sound Of Freedom as “QAnon-adjacent” is going to spur more Americans to watch it, and might even boost Q’s credibility. I only know about the Q posts what I’ve heard from other commentators, but Q predicted, crimes against children will unite the world.