Original Article By Mike LaChance At TheGatewayPundit.com:

Big tech seems to love big government.

Tech companies and social media companies are now home to hundreds of former employees of the FBI, CIA, DHS and more, according to a new investigation.

Be careful who you share with on these sites, you never know who you might be talking to.

The Daily Caller reports:

Hundreds Of Former Feds Have Flocked To Jobs In Big Tech

Google, Twitter, Meta and TikTok’s executive ranks have included over 200 former employees of surveillance government agencies, creating an employment pipeline between the government and Big Tech companies, a Daily Caller investigation found.

The technology companies recruited 248 employees from the DOJ, FBI, CIA and DHS, a LinkedIn search revealed. The hiring occurred mostly between 2017-2022, with several filling top director positions after having decade-long careers in the surveillance agencies.

Google hired 130 former DOJ, DHS, CIA and FBI employees, the Daily Caller’s key term search on LinkedIn found. Meta, the company that owns Facebook and Instagram, employed 47 people for those three entities who were previously at the DOJ, FBI or DHS. TikTok, the Chinese-based app embattled with national security concerns, employed 25 former DOJ, FBI, DHS or CIA employees. Twitter had 46 executives who had previously spent time working for the three-letter agencies.

Reed Rubinstein, former deputy associate attorney general under President Trump, told the Daily Caller that Americans should be “concerned” about “terrifying” integration of Big Tech companies and federal agencies.

“The revolving door has been a feature of D.C. for as long as I can remember. Any business that is heavily regulated is going to be concerned about managing the regulators, and one way to do that is by purchasing them,” Rubinstein said.

Once you know this, so many other things suddenly fall into place.

These are the same people who accuse conservatives of being fascists.