In the continuing Wall Street drama about Gamestop, popular trading apps such as Robinhood have blocked further purchasing of the stock. There is a mainstream backlash against Robinhood now, so here is a list of online trading platforms that you can use instead.


Thanks to Jeremy from TheQuartering for mentioning Tradezero on his YouTube page. Tradezero makes money through the “freemium” business model; there is a free version and a paid version with advanced features. This means they aren’t as beholden to other companies the same way Robinhood is to Citadel. Tradezero has experienced 200% growth this week as Robinhood users made the switch. The video below reviews Tradezero, and lists reasons that it’s ideal for new traders.


Tradestation also allows buying Gamestop stock. Their own blog reports GME is the most popular symbol on their platform. Tradestation is better suited for experienced traders, but they have made updates to appeal to the mainstream. The following video by Israel Santana provides a beginner’s tutorial to the platform.


PrimeXBT is a cryptocurrency and commodities exchange that lets you trade using Bitcoin. You can also trade indices, which are groups of the top performing company stocks. You probably can’t buy Gamestop stock directly on this platform, but you can if it’s in an index. If the Gamestop surge ever runs its course, it will be important to move on to digital assets and commodities. The Crypto Zombie channel, who I’ve referred to in the past, provides us a PrimeXBT tutorial in this video:

Injective Protocol:

Injective Protocol is a decentralized exchange which no single person or organization can control. It launched very recently, and is seeing a huge boost in Gamestop stock purchases. In this video by Boxmining, the host interviews the cofounder of Injective Protocol to learn what it’s about: