NY Post- ‘No One Left To Fix Things’: Twitter Employees Leave In Droves After Musk’s ‘Hardcore’ Ultimatum:

“Hundreds of Twitter employees apparently quit Thursday (Nov 17) after new CEO Elon Musk gave workers an ultimatum: Commit to a “hardcore” work environment or be fired.

“The reported exodus threw Twitter into more turmoil and came as staffers at the social media giant were given a 5 p.m. Thursday deadline to sign onto Musk’s workplace pledge.”

“Musk had emailed employees Wednesday saying, “Going forward, to build a breakthrough Twitter 2.0 and succeed in an increasingly competitive world, we will need to be extremely hardcore.”

“Staff were asked to click “yes” if they wished to remain, or pack up their things and quit with three months’ severance pay. All were expected to respond by 5 p.m. Thursday.

International Business Times- Elon Musk’s Trump Poll Believed To Be A Clever ‘Bot Trap’:

  • Musk conducted a Twitter poll on Friday asking asking the community if they want to reinstate former President Trump
  • The poll closed with the Yes votes winning by a slim 52-48 margin
  • But it turns out Musk has already made up his mind reinstating former President Trump’s Twitter account even before the poll

ReclaimTheNet.org- Twitter Reinstates President Donald Trump:

“Elon Musk has said President Donald Trump’s account has been reinstated after running a poll in which users backed the decision.

““The people have spoken,” Musk tweeted, after the results of a poll showed Twitter users’ narrow support for Trump to be reinstated.”

“While the account is now active, it’s not known if President Trump will return to the platform, as he has previously said: “I don’t see any reason for it,” and has since launched his own social media platform, Truth Social.”

The Federalist- Elon Musk Fights Child Sex Abuse After Twitter’s Speech Police Refused For Years:

“Elon Musk is cracking down on child sexual abuse material on Twitter, saying he is making it “Priority #1.”

“Before Musk bought the tech company in October, the censorship police at Twitter permitted child porn to exist on the app for years. Instead of combating the exploitation of children, Twitter employees focused their energy on silencing people with whom they disagreed, such as deleting doctors who deviated from the government and Big Pharma narrative on Covid, removing the sitting President of the United States Donald Trump, and suppressing the explosive Hunter Biden laptop story (which boosted then-candidate Joe Biden in the 2020 election). 

“In an interview with Tesmanian, Eliza Bleu, an advocate for human trafficking victims and a survivor of it herself, said she tried to get Twitter to address the child porn on the app for two years, but execs refused to take any meaningful steps. In February 2022, Twitter implemented a reporting feature for child sexual abuse but a few months later removed it. It is unclear why the tech giant removed the feature.”

The Washington Times- Banned Twitter Users Return: ‘We’re Coming Back With A Vengeance’:

“Several banned Twitter users are making their return to the social media platform, following new owner Elon Musk‘s decision to restore some restricted accounts, including activists, satirists and celebrities.

“Conservative activist organization Project Veritas marked its return with a video on Twitter featuring founder James O’Keefe promising he would use the platform to publish his group’s next campaign involving alleged wrongdoing by federal officials causing the victimization of immigrant children.

“Some banned users found the old Twitter regime’s censorship ultimately amplified their message and grew their audience. Seth Dillon, CEO of The Babylon Bee, said the satirical publisher has added nearly 500,000 followers on Twitter, compared to figures before restrictions prevented it from posting.”

RedState- Journalists Run to Twitter Alternative, Promptly Turn It Into a Hilarious Mean Girls Club:

“If you ever wondered who the softest people on the planet are, we’ve definitively gotten an answer over the last few months. And all it took was an eccentric, trolling billionaire buying Twitter.

“Ever since that acquisition took place, journalists have been migrating to a platform named “Mastodon” because Twitter is apparently a bastion for “hate” now. How exactly Mastodon works, I’m too lazy to research, but the gist of it is that people start “servers” that operate a bit like old-school listservs.

“Sure enough, it didn’t take long for the social media site (or whatever it is) to turn into a hilarious mean girls club. In fact, things have gotten so bad that “Stux,” who I presume is either the founder of and/or some kind of director at Mastodon, is already complaining.”

“It’s like one big experiment to see how journalists operate in an environment that caters to their worst biases. The result? An unworkable deluge of people reporting each other for wrong-think, to the point where Mastodon can’t handle all the requests. There’s something deeply comedic about that, watching the press eat their own in a vain attempt to gatekeep.”

ReclaimTheNet.org- Big Tech-Government Censorship Collusion Depositions To Be Made Public:

“In an interview on Fox News’ Unfiltered with Dan Bongino, Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt said that over 45 officials in the Biden administration violated the First Amendment’s “fundamental, God-given right to express ourselves.”

“In March, Schmitt and Louisiana’s Attorney General Jeff Landry filed a lawsuit alleging collusion between the federal government and social media companies to censor certain speech. The judge in the case ordered the depositions of top officials in the administration, including Dr. Anthony Fauci and former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

“Giving an update on the lawsuit, Schmitt said: “Here’s what we know so far. First of all, during COVID, we know that high-ranking Facebook officials were text messaging the surgeon general of the United States saying, ‘Hey, we took that down, what more can we do?’ We also know that there was a special portal created for Big Tech with the government to take down people and, you know, have them deplatformed.””

The Daily Wire- Musk And Skeleton Crew Take On Problem Ousted Twitter Employees Ignored: Child Exploitation:

“If you were to run a social media company, what would take priority — silencing your political opponents or ridding it of child porn?

“If you’re the new owner of Twitter Elon Musk, it’s addressing truly evil things that exploit minors. If you’re a leftist, it appears that it’s making sure conservatives don’t have a voice.

“Roughly two-thirds of Twitter’s former 7,500-person workforce have either been fired or have voluntarily departed since Musk took over the company. With the exodus has come a bevy of leftist complaints that the world’s richest man is going to turn the site into the wild west, a bastion of hate, or that the whole thing might fall down altogether.

“What those individuals haven’t explained is why it took new ownership to make sure that one of the company’s top focuses is ending the abuse of children on the site.”

Breitbart- Twitter Fact Checks Joe Biden’s Bogus Claim on Lowering the Deficit:

“Twitter fact-checked a bogus claim by ‘Resident’ Joe Biden on Monday that he had lowered the deficit, despite signing trillions of dollars in spending bills and raising taxes.

““The Biden-Harris Administration lowered the deficit with the single largest one-year reduction in American history,” the claim from the White House read on Twitter.

“Biden’s bogus claim has been repeatedly fact-checked as misleading by major outlets, but he and his staff continue to spread the talking point as fact.”

“Twitter users offer additional context or facts for dishonest claims on the platform, which are then attached to the offending messages.”

ReclaimTheNet- Elon Musk: Revealing Twitter’s Internal Hunter Biden Censorship Discussions Is “Necessary”:

“Elon Musk said he would make public “all internal discussions” at Twitter that led to the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story by the New York Post in October 2020.

“A Twitter user going by ALX wrote: “Raise your hand if you think @ElonMusk should make public all internal discussions about the decision to censor the @NYPost’s story on Hunter Biden’s laptop before the 2020 Election in the interest of Transparency.”

“Musk responded: “This is necessary to restore public trust.”

“The New York Post’s story was based on documents recovered from a laptop Hunter abandoned at a repair shop. The Post suggested that Joe Biden used his influence when he was vice president to, among other things, secure business dealings in China and Ukraine for his son.”

Daily Caller- Elon Musk Says He Could Create ‘Alternative Phone’ If Apple & Google Boot Twitter From App Store:

“Twitter CEO Elon Musk said he might create an “alternative phone” if the Apple App Store and Google Play remove Twitter from their platforms.

““If Apple & Google boot Twitter from their app stores, @elonmusk should produce his own smartphone,” conservative commentator Liz Wheeler tweeted. “Half the country would happily ditch the biased, snooping iPhone & Android. The man builds rockets to Mars, a silly little smartphone should be easy, right?”

““I certainly hope it does not come to that,” Musk responded, “but, yes, if there is no other choice, I will make an alternative phone.””

“The former head of trust and safety at Twitter, Yoel Roth, said Twitter risks being expelled from Apple and Google’s app stores if they fail to adhere to guidelines.”