Last weekend, the embattled Bob Chapek was ousted from his position of Disney CEO. His predecessor Bob Iger is back in the role. In previous entries of my blog and video channels, I contended that Chapek was trying to reform Disney, and make it a family-friendly brand once again. Iger had ambitions of running for office as a Democrat, and installed executives and studio heads to push far left propaganda.

While many conservative pundits blame Chapek for the woke infestation and public downfall of Disney, it must be said he tried to fix things but his hands were tied. In the following YouTube video, Dicktor Van Doomcock defends Chapek and declares Disney “a dead rat walking.” Doomcock adopts a masked supervillain persona to hide his identity, and probably those of his Hollywood informants. He has a long record of accurate entertainment news scoops. Here he just lets loose on an expletive filled rant.

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Theories abound why Chapek was suddenly removed last week, especially since the Disney board of directors unanimously extended his contract this spring. No one knows for sure except the board, so people can only speculate. However, there is some very compelling speculation out there.

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The YouTube Channel Midnight’s Edge is on the cutting edge of entertainment industry analysis. It has various experts on its live streams, and one of them is Disney insider WDWPro. In the next video, WDWPro suggests that Bob Chapek was going to finally purge the far left upper managers, using the upcoming layoffs as a cover. This would not sit well with massive Wall Street institutions, like Blackrock. Wall Street has been infected by ESG (Environmental, Social Governance) guidelines of valuing companies, which are really “a vital component of the agenda to consolidate capital and centrally plan the allocation of resources, destroying the remains of the free market in the process.”

A few days later, Midnight’s Edge had on Kamran Pasha, a screenwriter and frequent guest. Pasha is known for some profound insights into Hollywood’s inner workings, and thus has a devoted fanbase. He doesn’t have a YouTube channel, but does have a Patreon page where he posts and gets news tips of his own.

In the next video, Pasha talks to Midnight’s Edge and shares his own theory why Chapek was shown the door. It involves Disney’s Chief Financial Officer Christine McCarthy, as well as the collapse of the crypto exchange FTX. It has been established by other outlets that McCarthy was central to Chapek’s ouster. Mainstream news organizations say McCarthy was displeased with Chapek’s handling of the latest earnings report, and float the idea that Chapek was cooking the books on the accounting side. The problem with those stories is McCarthy herself, because she probably would have advised Chapek for the earnings call, and she would have known about Disney’s accounting problems before him.

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Pasha says the only major event in financial news, between the time of the earnings report and Chapek’s removal, was the collapse of FTX. It’s possible Disney could have had major investments in the platform. This would have been supported by McCarthy, the board members, and the major financial institutions like Blackrock. FTX was neck deep in ESG messaging and donations to Democrats and RINOs. If Disney was heavily involved in FTX, it would have demolished its bottom line, and certain Disney bigwigs could be legally liable. Chapek would have laid down the law and axed those bigwigs, so McCarthy and the board were forced to act.

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