This YouTube video by Clownfish TV discusses the recent news of Kickstarter, the popular crowdfunding platform, adopting decentralized blockchain tech. Left wing employees and creators are upset, nominally over the technology’s environmental impact. But for years, these leftists have been cancelling crowdfunding projects they don’t like, driving conservatives, libertarians, and free speech champions to Kickstarter’s competitors.

In the video, the hosts Kneon and Geeky Sparkles read various articles on the topic, and they dismantle the critics’ argument that blockchain uses too much energy. It’s no more energy than what Big Tech and the corporate financial system already use. Kickstarter is building a new “protocol” or “engine” for its website to run on, so that it won’t be limited to one group of servers. The tech can also be licensed out to 3rd party clients who want to use crowdfunding capabilities on their own website. Anyone with a Shopify store can already do something similar with an available crowdfunding add-on.

Crowdfunding has been a powerful tool for modern comics and tabletop gaming. As discussed before on the Clownfish TV channel, and this blog, mainstream American comics are dying. The big 2 publishers, DC and Marvel, are overly political, and readers have abandoned them for Japanese manga and independent comics. Independents use crowdfunding websites to raise money for projects and pre-sell their books. Kickstarter was once the king of crowdfunded comics, but its political gatekeeping made IndieGogo more attractive.

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