In the past week, violent political riots erupted once again. They are a reaction to another police killing of an African American citizen. Rather than argue whether it was justified, and whether there is institutional racism in America’s police forces, this post will examine narcissistic behavior. I have theorized before, political corruption is narcissistic abuse writ large. Study the behaviors mentioned here, and try to determine if they appear in your conversations about current events.

This post features 2 videos by the YouTube channel “Surviving Narcissism.” They deal with narcissists’ lies, and their need to create enemies. Open-minded and honest conversations with a narcissist are impossible. You’ll find you’re always tiptoeing around them to keep the peace, or having explosive arguments with them. Narcissists are empty people incapable of empathy. They desire to dominate others, and lie without remorse.

In the first video, cohost Laura Charanza describes 5 types of lies narcissists tell.

Narcissists don’t care about the here and now: Narcissists don’t think far ahead in their lying. They lie to serve their immediate goals, and if they get caught later, they’ll lie about it then. They rely more on emotional pressure than logic.

Many narcissists have low emotional intelligence: They say what they think with no regard to other people’s feelings. If they hurt your feelings, they’ll lie about that.

They lie about themselves: They don’t hesitate to express that they’re better than you and others. Take note if a narcissist ever speaks positively about other people. They’re usually condescending or marginalizing.

Quid Pro Quo Lie: They pretend to bargain, and offer favors in return for favors. They will always double cross you.

“It’s Your Fault” Lie: Narcissists never take responsibility for what goes wrong, and they will move blame to someone else.

It’s not your responsibility to make a narcissist tell the truth, or to reason with them. It’s okay to set boundaries and standards for how you should be treated. When you recognize narcissistic behavior and understand you don’t deserve that treatment, you should feel free to disengage and act on your own.

In the next video, Dr. Les Carter explains why narcissists need to create enemies. They can’t peacefully coexist with others, they think they must conquer and dominate people. The first thing to understand is, narcissists are very unlikeable, but they can’t understand why that is. They’re not capable of empathy or understanding other people’s point of view. When people don’t automatically admire a narcissist, the narcissist becomes hostile.

Rather than reflect on themselves, narcissists make up fantasies that the other person is horrible, and deserves punishment. Once again, they shift blame onto others for their own shortcomings. They have no introspective ability, and they project their faults onto everyone else.