After months of controversy, Disney and Lucasfilm have fired Gina Carano from her role in the Disney+ program “The Mandalorian.” Carano’s character, Cara Dune, is a fan favorite and a great example of a strong female overcoming adversity. However, far left mobs on social media harassed Carano for not towing the leftist line. What started as a spat over gender pronouns became a frenzy to de-platform her and remove her from the entertainment industry. Now that Carano is officially gone from “The Mandalorian,” an even bigger movement has ignited in her support. This is part of the wider populist movement against the Hollywood/Wall Street/Government/Corporate power nexus.

The trouble started when activists noticed Carano didn’t include her preferred gender pronouns in her Twitter profile. She resisted doing so because it shouldn’t be necessary- she’s obviously a woman. This escalated into harsher political arguments and the smearing of Carano as a right wing bigot. When she made an Instagram post comparing the persecution of conservatives with the early days of Nazi persecution of the Jews, Disney took the opportunity to announce her dismissal.

There is nothing liberal about the Far Left. True liberalism means supporting the disadvantaged, supporting arts and science, and defending the free communication of ideas. In my opinion, this is perfectly compatible with true conservatism, meaning conservatives and liberals are not each other’s opponents. The Left is made of phony liberals who slander their victims and disguise their corrupt agenda with liberal ideals. Likewise, the Far Right is made of phony conservatives who use conservative ideals to mask their misdeeds.

It’s not clear whether Gina Carano is liberal or conservative, but that’s beside the point. In her posts she has defended individualism, freedom of expression, and good faith exchange of viewpoints. Some argue that her latest post about the Nazis is an exaggeration, but her sentiment is actually correct. The Holocaust started small, but grew out of mob and cancel culture tactics similar to what the Left uses today. We have seen violent race riots and smear campaigns less than a year ago. Carano is telling present-day Americans to nip this in the bud.

The following YouTube video by TheQuartering goes into greater detail and gives a great report of the controversy. Disney is exhibiting horrendous hypocrisy by firing Carano, but keeping around other stars and executives despite their worse behavior. Disney is beloved by generations of fans, but has gone horribly astray over the last few years. If the company is to return to Walt’s original values, it needs to be taught a lesson.