Despite the spectacular success of superhero movies and TV series, the comic books those properties are based on have been struggling for over 10 years. In yesterday’s post about a possible Luke Skywalker series on Disney+, I discussed how popular entertainment has been blatantly politicized. This comes at the expense of good storytelling, and the 2 major comic book publishers have been part of the trend.

In this YouTube video by ComicArtistPro Secrets, host Ethan Van Sciver reports the latest dire news for DC Comics. Sales of its titles have been in decline for the last decade. Because of the COVID 19 pandemic, they can’t find a reliable distributor to get their books to retailers. In DC’s heyday, they published up to 100 monthly titles, but starting next year that will be reduced to 34. DC is owned by Warner Media, which itself is now owned by AT&T. AT&T is in massive debt after acquiring so many companies, and certainly wants to cut costs.

Watch the video below, then click the link to Ethan Van Sciver’s original page and his resource links. Van Sciver is a former artist for DC Comics, but has found massive success as an independent creator.