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Buy The Dip, Or Wait For Max Pain? Analysts Debate Whether Bitcoin Price Has Bottomed

It has been a rough week for the cryptocurrency market, primarily because of the Terra ecosystem collapse and its knock-on effect on Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and altcoin prices, plus the panic selling that took place after stablecoins lost their peg to the U.S. dollar.

The bearish headwinds for the crypto market have been building since late 2021 as the U.S. dollar gained strength and the United States Federal Reserve hinted that it would raise interest rates throughout the year.

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Putin Knows The Monetary System Is A Ponzi Scheme

Original Article By “Quoth The Raven” At ZeroHedge.com

The current fiat system has led to huge dollar imbalances and has enabled the US to live beyond its means at the expense of the rest of the world given our ability to borrow debt so cheaply. While Russia’s move into the Ukraine has strategic rationale for Russia including access to ports and commodities, we believe that this monetary issue is also a reason for Russia’s actions.

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Bitcoin Is Peace For The 9/11 Generation: The Dollar Is Not Safe

With sound money, programmatic issuance, and immutable protocol rules, those with the tanks are forced to make prescient decisions about when, where, and why to spend their money.

Bitcoin is sound money. The United States has no control over its issuance rules. The government is more than welcome to fire up some ASICs, mint new supply, and capture some transaction fees, but in times of great need, there is no way to magically create money to finance whatever efforts the government deems fit.

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The Coming Federal Weaponization Of Banking

The largest shake-up in finance since the formation of the Federal Reserve is nearly here. The establishment of a government-backed cryptocurrency is a threat to the freedom of commerce and would give Washington the ability to weaponize banking against political dissent, or even block Americans from accessing their own money altogether. 

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Credit Suisse Strategist Says We’re Witnessing Birth of a New World Monetary Order

“Money” will never be the same again after the Ukraine war, writes Zoltan Pozsar, and bitcoin may be a beneficiary.

Former Federal Reserve and U.S. Treasury Department official, and now Credit Suisse (CS) short-term rate strategist, Zoltan Pozsar has written the U.S. is in a commodity crisis that is giving rise to a new world monetary order that will ultimately weaken the current dollar-based system and lead to higher inflation in the West.

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Bitcoiners Were Right: Weaponized Finance Just Created a Post-Dollar Planet

By David Z Morris At Coindesk.com

Vladimir Putin’s Russia is facing a wave of truly unprecedented financial sanctions in retaliation for its widely scorned invasion of Ukraine. The sanctions have suddenly revealed the massive power that lay dormant in the unified global banking system for decades. But it likely also marks the beginning of that power’s end, and the dawn of something more fragmented.

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