In 2020, election theft was obvious. What wasn’t obvious was the depth of the government’s corruption. It’s clear that Republicans are no more effective at fighting Democrats’ crimes than the Generals playing the Globetrotters. The 2024 Iowa Caucus is tomorrow, and all the dirty tricks are being brought online.

It’s easy to fall into despair, but in the process of exposing the Deep State’s system, we are finding legal solutions for the people. It’s still important to vote in caucuses, primaries, and general elections, because it will make the people’s wishes obvious. We are building a parallel economy to escape financial slavery. And we’re chipping away at the human trafficking scandal that has elected and installed leaders in the thrall of blackmail.

In the meantime, here’s a rundown of Election 2024 news stories.

Breitbart- Poll: 71% of Republicans Believe Donald Trump Will Win Iowa Caucus:

“Most Republicans believe former President Donald Trump will win the Iowa caucus, a recent survey from the Economist/YouGov revealed.

“The survey asked respondents, “Which candidate do you think will win the Republican Iowa caucus?”

“Among Republicans, specifically, 71 percent said Trump will win the January 15 contest. Just five percent believe Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis will win, and four percent believe former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley will emerge as the victor in the Hawkeye State.

“A plurality of independents and Democrats, 42 percent and 41 percent, respectively, also believe Trump will win the Iowa caucus. None of Trump’s competitors reach the double digits among those groups.

Breitbart- Iowan Democrats Could ‘Crash’ GOP Primary to Boost Haley’s Turnout — ‘I’ll Hold My Nose’:

“Many Iowan Democrats reportedly plan to brave frigid temperatures on Monday and “crash” the Iowa caucus to artificially inflate former Gov. Nikki Haley’s election results against former President Donald Trump.

“The potential Democrat vote for Haley would confirm Haley’s campaign is backed by Democrats and establishment Republicans who hate the former president.

  • Iowa permits “day-of party registration” for the Monday election.
  • Iowan Democrats are not holding in-person presidential election voting this year.

“Iowan caucus rules allow for “mischievous” anti-Trump voters “a chance to diminish Trump’s inevitability,” as Don McLeese of West Des Moines told Axios.

““I’ll hold my nose and caucus for Haley,” McLeese added.”

“Well behind in the polls, Haley’s team refused to condemn crossover voters. Haley is a “tried and true conservative who’s working to earn every vote,” Haley campaign spokesperson Olivia Perez-Cubas confirmed to Axios.”

The Gateway Pundit- Elon Musk Rips Mark Zuckerberg For Funding Illegal Voting Vans in 2020 Election:

“On Friday Elon Musk was attacked by smart-mouth leftist who objected to Elon’s recent comments on the suspicious rules and irregularities in US elections.

“Leftist Yann LeCun posted, “You know Elon, properly-run social networks do their best to take down misinformation about elections.”

“That’s when Elon dunked on Yann and tech tyrant Mark Zuckerberg.

“Elon Musk: “Funny you should mention “properly-run” social networks. Are you aware that Mark Zuckerberg, presumably a “proper-runner” of social networks, funded illegal voting vans in the last election?”

“Elon Musk was pointing to the recent ruling in Wisconsin that the absentee Scooby voting vans are now illegal. The illegal voting vans were funded by Mark Zuckerberg and his far left wife.”

The Gateway Pundit- Georgia State Senators Introduce Legislation to REMOVE Dirty Brad Raffensperger from State Election Board and Open Up Investigations Into His Alleged Violations:

“Georgia State Senators introduced a bill to remove Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger from the State Election Board, and grant the board authority to investigate him and his office for election law violations.

“Via George Behizy.

“This situation started when Raffensperger failed to investigate the 2020 election fraud discovered by citizen election integrity advocate Joseph Rossi. “These initial findings and an inability to obtain explanations from Raffensperger’s office led Rossi to provide the evidence to Governor Brian Kemp’s office which performed its own independent analysis and then issued a written finding saying that Rossi’s results were factual.” Per

“In other words, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger worked to cover up 2020 election fraud instead of doing something about it.”

The Gateway Pundit- Attorney Clevenger: Concerned Citizens Need Not Wait for Politicians to Prosecute Fani Willis and Her Lover Nathan Wade – There May Be Other Options:

“According to Attorney Ty Clevenger, if elected prosecutors in Georgia are too squeamish or biased to go after Fulton County, Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis or her lover Nathan Wade, there are other options.

“A private citizen can ask a superior court judge to sign an arrest warrant or he/she could take the case directly before a grand jury.

“Clevenger explained the scenario in a trio of tweets.

Concerned citizens need not wait around for politicians to prosecute Nathan Wade or Fani Willis. Any private citizen can take evidence before a Georgia superior court judge and get an arrest warrant. See Georgia Grand Jury Handbook (…), p. 26.

(2/3) Fulton County is far left, but Wade’s offices are in Cobb County, which still has some conservative judges. Anyone could take the issue before a Cobb County judge or take it directly to the grand jury.

(3/3) The case against Willis / Wade would be prosecuted by the Georgia AG (rather than the Democrat DA) because the AG has special jurisdiction over public corruption crimes against the state ( Anyone interested?

“Someone else pointed out that Wade and Willis could be prosecuted federally for racketeering based on honest services wire fraud. That will never happen, but a private plaintiff might be able to bring a civil RICO claim against everyone involved (Wade & Willis allegedly met with White House personnel to coordinate the attack) . The RICO venue statute is very broad, so the case could be brought in Georgia, anywhere else there is a defendant, or any place where acts related to the conspiracy occurred.”