Below are series of articles and Tweets explaining the crimes of the Biden family, the Obamas, and supposed DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. If you’re wondering why Republicans in Congress are dragging their feet with articles of impeachment, keep in mind how amoral and potentially violent these evildoers are. Mayorkas in particular is facilitating the arrival of brutal foreign gang members, to do the criminals’ dirty work.

The good news is, the American people are gaining awareness of this corruption, step by step. Once we the people are armed with sufficient knowledge of the enemy’s methods, we’ll be the ones who lawfully bring them down.

The Federalist- Everything You Need To Know About The Biden Bribery Scandal:

““To summarize in one sentence, the FBI has evidence suggesting that when Joe Biden was vice president, he and other members of his family, sold influence over U.S. foreign policy in exchange for millions of dollars from a Ukrainian energy company,” explains Federalist Staff Writer Evita Duffy-Alfonso.”


“I want to take a moment to explain the culture of Washington DC to those who are shocked by the disparate treatment of Joe Biden and Donald Trump.  I have spent a fair bit of time navigating The Swamp, and it can appear really bizarre to those who do not understand how it works.  Here goes:

“The reason nothing has happened to Joe Biden with respect to his obvious influence peddling through Hunter is that NO ONE IN DC SEES ANYTHING WRONG WITH WHAT HE DID.  In DC, there is a revolving door at every level of government, for both elected and unelected officials, between government jobs and industry.  It happens everywhere, between Congress and lobbyists, between the DOJ and white-shoe law firms, between the DoD and defense contractors, between the DoE and the teachers’ unions, between public affairs offices and the media, between the EPA and the alternative energy industry… and… well… EVERYWHERE.  People serve in government and then use that service to make big bucks in industry.”

“Donald Trump is being persecuted because he was never part of this system of selling access, and he threatened it.  That is why he must be destroyed.”

James Howard Kunstler- 25th Amendment Looms: Kunstler Warns Biden’s “Infirmity Is As Hard To Ignore As The Evidence Of His Crimes”:

“Forgive me for bringing this up, but remember the first impeachment of Mr. Trump on the grounds of a phone call to freshly-minted President Z in Ukraine pertaining to some fishy matters around the Burisma gas company? Yes, Mr. T was impeached over a mere inquiry into possible misconduct by a former high US official (being one “Joe Biden,” ex-veep) and his bag-man son. The setup was patently obvious even to us bloggers who enjoy no intimate correspondence with organelles of the DC Blob. A CIA spook “whistleblower” named Eric Ciaramella (sssshhhh) was injected into the scene with help from the devious Col. Vindman at NSA and an assist from Intel Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson… and voila! Recall the solemn pageantry of Nancy Pelosi’s march across the Capitol rotunda with the hallowed bill of impeachment on a satin pillow….

“And now, more than three years later, the nation is informed of all the particulars around those Burisma Company’s doings with the Biden family in granular detail ($5-million plus $5-million), laying out just one instance of treasonous moneygrubbing by this family among many grifts in other nations. And in case of any lingering questions — if the news media were not a pseudopod of the Blob — a long roster of bank transfer records has been assembled by Rep. Comer of the House Oversight Committee to validate the deal memos, emails and audio recordings already available for inspection in the””

“You realize, don’t you, that the DOJ and the FBI had all of this info (a.k.a evidence) in its possession even before Trump impeachment number one? AG William Barr and FBI Director Wray could have stepped up at any time after October, 2019, and said, “Oh, here’s what that phone call to Z was about.” That they didn’t is arguably the most blatant crime among scores of crimes committed by the Blob in the Trump and post-Trump years.”

“So now the Blob is desperate to jettison this embodiment of its corruption and lawlessness, “Joe Biden,” before the Trump-deranged masses start paying attention to the distant yelling from the asteroid belt of actual news beyond noisy Planet MSNBC. The Blob will be fighting for its very life anyway. The Ukraine operation is not proceeding according to plan. Do you know why? Answer: because it was a stupid plan concocted by purblind Neocon idiots. Russia has been insulted to the degree that it deems America unworthy of negotiation — meaning Russia will bring the Ukraine mess to a conclusion on its terms. They will take care to do it gingerly, so as not to further inflame the psychosis afflicting America and tempt us into even grosser stupidities. Namely, they will insist on a neutral Ukraine with no foreign operators in it and some rearrangement of Ukraine’s borders. America will have to lump it. The Blob Neocon faction will blame the whole lamentable affair on “Joe Biden,” who, by then, will be gone from the White House.”

“How does that happen?

“The 25th Amendment, since we are now at the point where his infirmity is as hard to ignore as the evidence of his crimes. How the Blob deals with his successor, the distressing Ms. Harris, is another bridge to cross.”

Becker News- House Reaching ‘Important Final Stage’ to Bring Impeachment Charges Resident Joe Biden:


Breitbart- Republican Impeachment Report: Border Chief Mayorkas Violated Oath of Office:

“Resident Joe Biden’s pro-migration border chief violated his oath of office to “well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office,” a Republican report says.

““On Feb. 2, 2021, incoming DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas swore that oath,” said the July 20 report by the House Committee on Homeland Security, which is chaired by Rep. Mark Green (R-TN):

The American people expected him to abide by his oath, defend the homeland, and uphold the Constitution. If Mayorkas has failed to uphold his oath, he should be considered derelict in his duty as secretary.

Mayorkas is not an innocent bystander at the mercy of the federal bureaucracy, global events, or political opponents — he is the chief architect of the illegal immigration crisis that Americans have suffered through since January 2021.

He has either willfully sparked the current crisis through his extreme and irresponsible policies, or is such a poorly informed, inefficient, and inflexible leader that he is negligent in his duties. Either way, he has been derelict in his duty to secure the border, defend the homeland, and keep the American people safe, violating his oath to defend the Constitution and faithfully discharge the duties of his office.

The Gateway Pundit- Barack and Michelle Obama WERE on Martha’s Vineyard When Their Private Chef Mysteriously Drowned:

“Some would call this an interesting coincidence while others may suspect something more.

“It turns out that Barack and Michelle Obama were on Martha’s Vineyard at the same time their personal chef drowned under mysterious circumstances.

“Obama’s office previously claimed that the former president and his wife were not present at the residence when Tafari drowned. Now they are altering the story to say they were indeed on the property.

“The Gateway Pundit reported Monday night that the body of a 45-year-old paddle boarder was found in a pond on Obama’s Martha’s Vineyard mansion. The person was later identified as Obama’s personal chef Tafari Campbell, who is from Dumfires, Virginia.”

“The Daily Mail revealed Tuesday that Barack and Michelle were staying on the property when Campbell perished. Not surprisingly, the Obamas employees had a little trouble getting their facts straight.”

Initially, the Obamas’ office said they were not home. Their office clarified on Monday that they were on the island, just not at the residence when Campbell drowned.

Liz Crokin:

“After Obama’s second term, Campbell continued to work for Obama as a private chef. That means Campbell was employed at the White House for Obama’s private party where they flew in $65K worth of “hotdogs and pizza” and also when Obama’s secret Alice In Wonderland party took place that they managed to keep under wraps for two years.”

“What did he know?”

“Hot dogs” and “pizza” are code words for child exploitation.

DC Draino: