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On Tuesday night, Project Veritas released part two of their bombshell Twitter exposé. This time they got lead client partner Alex Martinez on camera saying that Twitter as a company cares more about ideology than making money. But simultaneously, the employee expresses the thought that Twitter’s rules are what keeps advertisers happy.

What’s made clear is that Twitter’s ideologically-driven staffers believe free speech takes second place to some greater cause, such as “for the planet.” Martinez says this sect of the company will rebel against Elon Musk’s plans.

Alex Martinez’s role with Twitter has him dealing with relations with advertisers on the platform. In the conversation with the undercover Veritas agent, Martinez made a correlation between the moderation side of things (controlling information) and making money.

“Advertisers are freaking out because he, because of what he’s like tweeting about like being ‘I want free speech, yada, yada, yada.’ Yeah. Like who really knows what that even means?” he tells the Veritas plant.

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Musk replied to the expose on Twitter.

And commented on the Twitter exec taking aim at free speech.

Martinez expands on weighing the situation:

“As an advertiser, as my business is what I do everyday and why I go out is like, we want [Twitter] to be as fair and transparent and accurate as possible. And if that means there’s a level of censorship to make it correct. Quote, unquote again. And what does correct mean? I guess, like, it just kind of goes into the idea of like, well, what is correct?

“Like every idea of like- you know, it’s kind of like the principle of being like good and bad, like good and bad exists and there’s – it either is bad or it’s either good. It isn’t, it’s not like a mix of good and bad. It’s like one or the other, and it’s like kind of the same idea of– like, is it… is it truthful or is it lies or is it a mix of truth and lies? You know what I mean? And like, where do you call- where do you draw the line?”

Elon Musk has spoken about his free speech beliefs in the days following the initial announcement of his Twitter buyout deal.

“That’s why I hate this deal so much. Elon’s gonna f*ck everything up,” said the undercover Veritas person.

But Martinez reassured him otherwise. “There are people that are gonna try to push back as much as they can, because we are doing… the rest of us who have been here, believe in something that’s good for the planet and not just to give people free speech.”

The Twitter staffer said it’ll come down to when Elon Musk has to take the reins and actually talk to employees about these issues. Martinez says people at the company will confront him about the platform’s misinformation policies.

“People don’t know how to make a rational decision if you don’t put out — correct things that are supposed to be out in the public, right?” is what the Twitter staffer believes.

Alex Martinez says Twitter cares more about ideology than making a profit. “Now I think it’s about, well, right now we don’t make profit. So it’s gonna say ideology, which is what’s led us into not being profitable.”

“If we’re implementing all these rules… and Elon wants to dismantle them, then technically our ideology has led us to not making money because we’re not making money, and Elon wants to turn it the other way so that we can make money, do you get what I mean?”

Martinez then mocked his (potential) future boss’s Asperger’s syndrome. “Like he’s a loony tune, he has Asperger’s,” Martinez says to the undercover Veritas agent. “So he’s special. We all know that. And that’s fine. So here, no one’s gonna say some f*ck*ng crazy sh*t because he’s special.”

“I’m like you’re special needs– you’re literally special needs. Literally though, you really are. So, I can’t even take what you’re saying seriously. Cause you’re special.”

At the end of the video it’s made clear that Twitter issued a warning to staff about the upcoming work Project Veritas was going to be doing. Alex Martinez didn’t believe the person he was talking to would’ve been one of those undercover people, however.

Tuesday’s edition from Veritas follows Monday’s expose where senior engineer Siru Murugesan was caught on camera expressing the same prevailing sentiments: that Twitter’s company culture is overtly leftist, enough to the point that it impacts the site’s moderation operations and policies, and that there are a fair share of staffers who are furious that Elon Musk is coming in to radically change things.

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