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Michael Flynn has claimed Democrats are manipulating inflation in an attempt to “gain greater control over society” and stop the 2022 midterm elections.

The former Trump advisor said he is “not convinced” that next year’s elections will take place because Democrats are orchestrating a “financial collapse” to gain control of the government.

“I believe that our 2022 national elections are at risk, meaning that, you know,” Flynn said.

“I am not convinced that we are going to have national elections in 2022.”

“The reason why I believe that is because the Left does not want to risk losing to the conservative movement that has clearly grown in the country,” he added.

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Flynn said he believes Demcorats are manipulating inflation to higher levels to ignite a “controlled financial depression” to collapse the economy.

“What we’re going to see, and this is the plan of the Left, is to basically take over control of the United States of America,” he explained.

“Get us to a place where we have just staggering financial problems, and so more control by the federal government must be put into place.”

“More controls by the Federal Reserve, more control by the federal government, meaning that we’re going to see more emergency orders from the White House to do certain thing.”

“To take dramatic and drastic steps—to put people around the country under control of the federal government more and more and moreover the coming year,” he added.

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Flynn was one of several Trump allies who was issued a subpoena by the House panel investigating the January 6 riot.

The committee alleges Flynn “drove a campaign of misinformation about the election and planned ways to stop the count of Electoral College votes.”

Flynn called the investigation an “insurrection crucifixion” and compared House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Pontius Pilate.

The former Trump told Tucker Carlson that the current crisis highlights a continual loss in our constitutional freedoms earlier this month.

“What I am not surprised at, but I think Americans are surprised at, is the speed they are moving to do exactly what I said, which is to take this country over,” Flynn said.