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You know those movies where the ocean water recedes and fish are flopping on the sand? And the people nearby are amazed and curious and walk out onto the sand that was previously underwater? If you’re like me, you think, “How can you not see what’s coming??!!??” That’s how I was feeling today when I saw the introduction of SlingBlocks. It was amazing and curious, but also, a much bigger deal when you look at it in context.

My family is from Chile. In 1960 (ten years before I was born), there was a 9.5 earthquake in Valdivia, Chile. And the tsunamis that resulted were crazy. Waves even got to Japan – 10,000 miles from Chile.

Suffice to say, tsunamis are no joke. But early warning systems can help protect people, because, as far as I can understand, the signs are recognizable.

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Am I trying to warn you about catastrophes? Nope. I’m simply telling you that if you know what to look for, you’ll notice that things are moving and groovin’ with a company called WooFunnels.

The release of SlingBlocks is not the start of something, it’s potentially the culmination of a series of previous moves…

Let’s Look at the Signs

First, they build a set of products related to WooCommerce to help with stuff. It was several years ago, so I won’t waste time getting into the full sequence of products.

Over time it moves them into the same space as others like CartFlows. But they don’t stop there. Like CartFlows, they offer a free version of their funnel builder.

But they didn’t build free and then add premium features. They had the premium version and then brought a powerful and free version to the market.

Ok, pause there. A free version of their funnel builder. Have you seen it? It’s pretty powerful. And did I mention free?

But they went further.

They rolled out a marketing automation platform called AutonamiI’ve told you about it before. Cool, right?

And then they offer everyone a free version. Yes, another free version.

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And that brings us to today, when they announce a set of Gutenberg blocks that work well with their free (and premium) funnel builder. They built it so that people could build funnels and everything else with Gutenberg without any page builders.

And they offered SlingBlocks for free.

What’s the Big Deal?

Most of the products we’ve seen in the WordPress ecosystem embrace a freemium model. That’s not new. But mostly it moves in the free to premium direction.

A company builds stuff for free. Gathers an audience. And then tries to figure out how to monetize that audience. They get a tiny percentage of those customers to pay. But it’s still something (or rather, not nothing).

But these guys are building products and selling them. Testing their products in the market in a way that ensures they’re getting product-market fit in the best way known to everyone (by having paid customers). And then they’re driving growth by adding free onramps to their premium products.

It’s exactly what I would do. And I’m thrilled to see them do it.

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Until now, I kept waiting for them to offer a Gutenberg integration or solution for their funnel builder. But I didn’t expect this. This new Gutenberg library is generic enough to be useful across the board. But it’s also a perfect way to help funnel users adopt everything WooFunnels is creating.

Should you check out WooFunnels & SlingBlocks? Yes.

All I’m trying to tell you is that today’s announcement about the new Gutenberg library called SlingBlocks excited me greatly. It told me everything I needed to know to dig in deeper into all of what WooFunnels is doing.

And since they have free versions of everything, it’s not going to cost you a thing to check them out.