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Former The Mary Sue writer and social justice activist Sam Maggs announced that she is and has been working on the newly announced Star Wars: The Knights of the Old Republic Remake.

Star Wars: The Knights of the Old Republic Remake was announced at the PlayStation Showcase 2021 where game’s Lead Producer Ryan Treadwell made it abundantly clear the game is a “complete remake.”

He explained, “This is a complete remake of this beloved Star Wars story. For Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake, we are rebuilding from the ground up  while maintaining that integrity and story from the original.”

Treadwell would add, “You know the original Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is a true classic and one of our favorite Star Wars story ever. We want to honor that original story and make it as impactful for players today.”

“In terms of the visuals we have the opportunity to present this story with a much higher level of fidelity than was possible in the past while making sure that we are being authentic to what players loved about that original game,” Treadwell further elaborated.

In an interview with StarWars.com, Treadwell also reiterated, “Our big goals on this are to bring the story to a modern audience and have it be just as impactful today as it was for players when it originally launched.”

Lucasfilm Games’ Executive Producer Orion Kellogg also told StarWars.com, “We’ve been working really, really closely with Aspyr for a long time now to deconstruct what made KOTOR so great and bring that back to new audiences, because we want this game to be an incredible RPG.”

Kellogg went on to hint that they will be changing character designs, dialogue, and more, “We want this game to be just as beloved as it was before. Some of my favorite meetings to have in my week right now are to get into the nitty gritty with Aspyr and talk about, ‘Why did we make that choice in the original game and how does that play today? How do we expand that choice and make it even more meaningful and impactful?’ We think about, literally, every word of dialogue and [other choices] down to the clothes that the character is wearing.”

He then reiterated they are deconstructing the game, “We trust Aspyr, we trust the team that’s working on it, and we’re doing the work ourselves to dig in, deconstruct, and reconnect to why people love it because we don’t want to mess with that. We love it, too, and so we want to do it right. We hope everybody feels we’ve done this game a service when all is said and done.”

As for Sam Maggs, she announced her involvement in the game on Twitter sharing a video of her updating her Twitter profile with Knights of the Old Republic.


In a subsequent tweet she added, “Could not be more honored and excited to be part of an INCREDIBLE team at Aspyr Media to remake one of my all-time favorite games!!”

While Maggs is now claiming that Knights of the Old Republic is one of her all-time favorite games, she previously claimed otherwise similar to Kevin Smith’s claims about He-Man.

Back in 2019, she tweeted that her favorite Star Wars game was Star Wars: Yoda Stories.

In that same thread she would also tweet, “‘isn’t kotor your favorite-‘ no”

As for her social justice activism, she takes particular interest in “the patriarchy.”

In 2014, she wrote, “Fighting the patriarchy makes me hungry, so I’m going to sit in the kitchen while my male partner cooks dinner.”

When Barnes & Noble posted a fan question, “If you were an action figure, what would be your awesome accessory?” Maggs responded, “A hammer for smashing the patriarchy. It would have bows.”


Also in 2017 she tweeted, “today my trainer said ‘wow you’re strong for not having lifted very long’ and in my head I thought THANKS, IT’S FROM FIGHTING THE PATRIARCHY.”

In 2018 , she wrote, “Some of the worst professional experiences I’ve had involved white women with internalized misogyny doing the work of the patriarchy. I understand it but it doesn’t make it any less painful.”

On top of that she also has routinely attacked critics of Disney’s reboot of Star Wars.


In another tweet she added, “If you want to hate Rey, at least be honest about it: you hate that she’s a Mary Sue because she’s a WOMAN. It’s cool. Just be real about it.”

In another tweet she wrote, “snotty angry baby boy: ‘Rey hardly needed any training at all -‘ me, strong in the force: ‘do you not remember that anakin was auto-born Strongest Jedi because of an arbitrary and intensely stupid high microorganism count or’”

But maybe Maggs’ biggest claim to fame is her local TV interview where she criticizes gamers who modified Grand Theft Auto V.