In this YouTube video by the funny and self-deprecating Camelot331, we learn how the retail chain Gamestop is undergoing changes, and how the stock market is reacting. Gamestop has 3 new members of its board, chief among them is Ryan Cohen. Cohen is the cofounder and former CEO of Chewy, which sells pet food online. This, combined with the announcement of about 1,000 Gamestop brick-and-mortar locations closing, signals that the company will change its focus to online sales.

Gamestop has earned the ire of customers and store employees with its pushy sales tactics and unrealistic sales goals. It hasn’t been profitable for several years, and it also has lost business in the sales of physical video game copies. More gamers choose to download titles onto their consoles and PCs.

Camelot331, whose real first name is Cody, was a Gamestop store employee for 11 years, and has made a YouTube career exposing the unethical practices of corporate retailers. He has previously relayed information from Gamestop company insiders, and shares outrageous workplace stories from his Twitter and Instagram followers. He also reports video game news and does gaming livestreams.